Tackling Coronavirus and the New Normal with SAP

SAP Tools - coronavirus and the new normal

The coronavirus has brought with it immense worldwide disruptions, causing a full-force global crisis and major transformations that have turned every aspect of our social infrastructure upside-down. Businesses find themselves burdened with supply chain and operational difficulties and struggling to keep up with the new normal dictated by social distancing and remote working conditions. In addition, governments and communities are also faced with the historic task of managing the coronavirus epidemic.

To help ease businesses’ burden, SAP has provided tools and resources to help them navigate through this historical period of uncertainty and disruptions. In an open-letter, Meaghan Sullivan, SAP Head of General Business and Global Partner Marketing, said:

“…we are helping small and midsize businesses navigate the current crisis while looking ahead to making a successful recovery. We are providing free access to proven tools that give our customers the assistance they need for the next few months. We are also actively listening to our small and midsize customers. They are sharing with us specific challenges in critical areas of their businesses.”

These challenges include, among others:

  • maintaining business growth and functionality,
  • creating contingency and recovery plans to face the looming global recession,
  • maintaining high-productivity levels among employees,
  • adapting to different work and collaboration models, opening up supply chain bottlenecks,
  • redesigning how products and services are offered to ensure customers’ rapidly changing needs are met, and
  • keeping communities engaged with their brands.

Below is a list of the COVID-19 SAP resources that aim to address these. Through the following technologies, businesses will be able to reinforce their competitiveness in the face of the coronavirus and the new normal:

Technological Tools/Resources

Since March 2020, SAP has opened up access to significant SAP software to aid businesses, communities, and governments navigate the challenges brought on by coronavirus and the new normal.

Preparing for a remote workforce

With Qualtrics, SAP has created Remote Work Pulse and Remote + On-site Work Pulse, a listening platform for companies to understand how employees are feeling, how they are adapting to newly placed work settings, and their experiences in using unfamiliar work collaboration models. In utilizing these platforms, SAP aims to help businesses equip their workforce not just with the right tools but ultimately with the proper mindset to help them navigate this new normal while still maintaining high productivity levels.

On the other side of this—if and when lockdown measures and mandates are lifted—to help in deciding when and how to transition to new working conditions, there is also Return to Work Pulse that provide businesses a means to address each employee’s unique needs in relation to returning to the workplace.

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

To ensure a resilient supply chain, it was announced last March that access to SAP Ariba Discovery will be opened. Through here, buyers can easily post sourcing needs and vendors can respond quickly to show availability. SAP Ariba has a collection of 4 million suppliers in over 190 countries, and has waived the fees for vendors to respond to sourcing posts through June 30, 2020, with the promo code SAPARIBA2020.

SAP’s Spot Buy application offers a digital platform where small to medium-sized enterprises that do not have their own supply chain management systems, can source out supplies at a lower price point. With its three tier supplier vetting system, customers are assured vendors are properly evaluated for reliability.

Additionally, to be able to prepare and plan for the new normal in supply chain management, companies can utilize Qualtrics Supply Continuity Pulse. With this, leaders can identify potential supply disruptions and proactively offer assistance to suppliers.

Maintaining Quality Customer Engagement

Back to Business XM solutions is another technology from Qualtrics created to help companies build and maintain trust with customers, reinforce their digital presence, and manage customer relations effectively. In this new normal of forced distancing, business are finding it difficult to get a good understanding of their customers’ shifting needs. With tools such as Front Line Connect and Customer Confidence Pulse, and by creating a Digital Open Door to get customer feedback, businesses will be better equipped in taking appropriate action to meet expectations by optimizing their digital experiences.


In another letter addressed to the SAP ecosystem consisting of more than 21,000 partners, CEO Christian Klein invited partners to also share their free resources and business solutions. These resources may be accessed on the SAP community C19FREEACCESS page.

Community Support

COVID-19 Tools for Government

With EY and Qualtrics, support for governments and the healthcare industry, has also been put in place to assist in effectively leading citizens through the pandemic and help the world run better during these unprecedented times.

Digital Learning Initiative

A dynamic initiative was put forward to assist students—the next generation of professionals—in continuing their education virtually. To facilitate a safe and ideal platform for conducive learning, SAP has opened access to massive open online courses (MOOCs) offered in the openSAP platform, provided free 90-day access to four selected learning journeys for universities, and other learning courses in the SAP Young Thinkers program.

Remote Learning Readiness

In preparation for the new normal of virtual classrooms brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, SAP and Qualtrics are offering Remote Educator Pulse, Remote Learning Pulse, Higher Ed Remote Learning Pulse, and K-12 Remote Learning Pulse to academic institutions. With these, schools and universities will be better equipped in shifting to a remote learning model and staying connected with remote staff.

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