The Future of Agriculture with SAP Intelligent Enterprise

The Future of Agriculture with SAP Intelligent Enterprise

In 2019, the Indian Government constituted the Doubling of Farmers’ Income (DFI) committee to set the future of agriculture, doubling the farmers’ income by 2022. As the development of the agriculture industry in the country unfolds, HPM remains committed to delivering maximum profitability as well as sustainability by leveraging technology.

HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd., a globally recognised manufacturer of agrochemicals, has established its commitment to be at the forefront of the Green Revolution drive and advocate sustainable agriculture by delivering advanced solutions that would enrich the lives of the farmers. To drive transformation, achieve maximum profitability, productivity, and sustainability to support the future of agriculture, the Indian enterprise has adopted the SAP Intelligent Enterprise strategy.

The SAP Intelligent Enterprise strategy seamlessly integrates experience data (X) with operations data (O) using a business technology platform and a suite of applications. Using the latest technologies, Intelligent Enterprises are able to accelerate data-driven disruption and process automation, launch new business models, and deliver exceptional experiences. Leveraging SAP HANA, HPM has implemented the state of the art technology that offers hyper-connectivity, innovation, and smart business.

The Delhi-based manufacturer deploys SAP HANA to accelerate the business processes by delivering more intelligence and simplifying the IT environment. Through SAP HANA, HPM was able to identify potential solutions to current issues. Developing essential customisations, user training, and importing data encouraged testing to improve the system and deploy the final data to be loaded and validated resulting to process automation, innovation, and optimal result.

Driving Sustainability

Concerning HPM’s goal of maximising economic value with minimal environmental impact, the company has initiated the Paperless Operation automating business processes and adopting eco-friendly work solutions. As simple as the concept might seem, the global manufacturer recognises the significant impact of going paperless that goes beyond operational flexibility, better productivity, and cost-effectiveness. The paperless route results in automated information gathering leading the way for more informed decision-making and profound insights for easier quality compliance. 

“Innovation is undoubtedly more essential in modern agriculture than ever before, and agriculture is undergoing an evolution where technology is becoming an indispensable part. We believe that the rise of digital agriculture and its related technologies has opened a wealth of new data opportunities, and we aim to achieve the goal by making better decisions in the field,” said Ashok Aggarwal, Chairman of HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. 

Going paperless is one of HPM’s efforts towards digital transformation. The Paperless Operation aligns with the company’s objective of simplifying management, increasing efficiency, and agility. The innovation drives business processes automation, enhances content management, recycles waste papers turning them to notepad, reduces printing services, centralises data storage systems, and digitalises information. 

Other noteworthy sustainability initiatives undertaken by HPM were mentioned by Tapasya Goel, HPM Executive Director. She detailed: 

“With the goal of the sustainability initiative by HPM, we have paved our way to make sustainable agriculture mainstream. Our CSR initiative like Girl’s Adoption, Save Eyes Save Life, Clothes Distribution, Help him to Breathe, Green Nation Clean Nation, Food Drive, Wheelchair Distribution, Santosh Krishi Divas aims towards making a positive impact on society, and preserve the environment contributing to sustainable development.”

HPM’s strategic goals are set to secure the future of agriculture with the company’s intention to fulfill its mission as well as achieve its vision by integrating innovative processes with technology. Now with SAP HANA, HPM is well on its way to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

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