How SAP Aids Today’s Global Supply Chain Challenges

How SAP Aids Today’s Global Supply Chain Challenges

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced businesses of any size across all industries to step in unchartered territory and face today’s global supply chain challenges.

Two weeks after the announcement of SAP’s free offerings to help businesses and the SAP community mitigate the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic that has caused sourcing challenges, business travel disruption and shifting to remote work environments, once again, SAP has announced additional offerings and access to its select software solutions at zero cost. This time, the focus of the offerings is to address the global supply chain challenges that the company’s partners and customers are now up against.

The German company’s initiative aims to help businesses better manage and adjust to the changes that are happening inside their companies, with their customers, and with their supply chains through SAP Digital Supply Chain, SAP Ariba and Qualtrics solutions. Aside from helping companies easily identify and address potential supply chain disruptions even before they occur, these solutions also help identify alternative sources of supply and move goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

SAP’s new offerings at no cost include:

Planning as a service with the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain solution 

Offered free for 90 days, this offering allows SAP partners to help customers leverage cloud to quickly load critical data and provide instant visibility to how demand is matched across a supply network. SAP will enable scenario planning to evaluate the supply chain impact, supply options and financial implications in cooperation with qualified channel partners. The supply chain solution allows customers to simulate demand shifts and the impact of production rate changes to eliminate bottlenecks and build stronger resilience.

This offer must be accepted on or before May 15, 2020.

Qualtrics Supply Continuity Pulse solution 

This is a new solution that is available and free for all companies. Qualtrics Supply Continuity Pulse, a combination of the procurement and experience management expertise of SAP Ariba and Qualtrics solutions, enables buyers to efficiently check-in with their suppliers, gain visibility into their and proactively analyse the overall risk associated with potential disruptions in their supply chains. It is an automated experience management solution (“XM Solution”) for soliciting and reporting on supplier feedback. This supplier feedback can be used to help identify:

· Potential supply constraints and jeopardised delivery timelines

 · Areas to optimise business continuity and recovery plans

 · Ways to collaborate with and assist suppliers to help them meet demand

This offer is valid for any Qualtrics account for up to three months. For those who do not yet have an account, opening one is offered at zero cost.

Last March, the co-CEOs Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein addressed a heartfelt letter to the SAP Community shedding light on the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. They emphasised SAP’s commitment to ensuring its members, partners and customers’ health, safety, and livelihood as the company’s priorities.  Morgan and Klein said:

“Together we will persevere.”

This powerful statement was backed up by SAP’s free offerings and access to select solutions to ensure business continuity amid the global pandemic. Previously offered free solutions are:

Remote Work Pulse by Qualtrics

SAP Ariba Discovery

COVID-19 Pre-Screen & Routing by Qualtrics

TripIt Pro

SAP Litmos

Ruum by SAP

Aside from extending support to its business partners and customers, SAP has also increased its support to Social Sector partners globally. The ERP company established a €3 million COVID-19 Emergency Fund to support the urgent needs of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the CDC Foundation, and smaller nonprofits and social enterprises that work on the front lines serving local communities in crisis. 

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