How Governments Can Leverage XM Technology in Battling COVID-19

SAP Qualtrics XM Technology

Through Qualtrics’ experience management (XM) technology, a set of tools and resources was created to address global COVID-19 challenges faced by governments. Aided by Ernst & Young (EY) with implementation and enablement services, SAP & Qualtrics have provided free access to these digital tools.

SAP and Qualtrics are keeping the ball rolling in providing COVID-19 solutions. Together with EY, they are transforming business innovation solutions like XM analytics to align with government requirements in effectively leading citizens through the pandemic.

As the number of infected COVID-19 patients exponentially grows, EY, SAP & Qualtrics quickly recognized an obligation to assist governments and public health organizations worldwide in ensuring the health and safety of citizens. In a joint statement, they expressed their mission to provide intelligent digital solutions to combat the pandemic:

“Governments around the world are having to act quickly and decisively as they lead their citizens through uncertain times. These solutions and services help governments quickly interact with their citizens at scale by providing a means of collecting and analyzing data in real-time. This allows them to take immediate action amid an ever-changing situation and bring immense benefit to their citizens during the current crisis.”

Here to Help: A List of Qualtrics CoVid 19 Tools & Resources

  • Healthcare Workforce Pulse: With hospitals & clinics reaching maximum capacity and frontline workers undergoing immense stress, it is with utmost importance for healthcare providers to be able to understand and prioritize frontliners’ health and safety concerns. Using Workforce Pulse, healthcare agencies can get real-time insights on workers’ needs and therefore be able to respond immediately with resolutions. This will boost morale in the workplace and help ensure that high-quality patient care is not compromised.
  • COVID-19 Dynamic Call Center Script: Many governments lack the technological and operational infrastructure to respond to the massive influx of public inquiries around COVID-19. They are faced with the challenge of creating an efficient call center support system to accommodate citizens’ requests and provide up-to-date information. To ease this burden, the Dynamic Call Center Script online platform features a customizable database, built-in forms, and reports-generation to identify trends and patterns in public queries.
  • COVID-19 Pre-Screening and Routing: Using this guided questionnaire, governments can promptly classify potential COVID-19 patients and proactively direct them to the right local agencies and online health and safety resources. This online tool also features automated reports on trends and the volume of respondents showing symptoms.
  • Critical Care Protocol Solution: This resource integrates World Health Organization (WHO) and Edmonton Frailty Scale guidelines to create customized government protocols in the early detection of high-risk patients. The solution provides a way to effectively allocate critical care services and maximize the already limited health resources of various nations.

Qualtrics XM technology is compliant with several international security & privacy protocols to ensure the highest levels of data protection. Their collection of comprehensive solutions aims to address government difficulties in maintaining consistent and clear communications between organizations and health workers, disseminating timely & accurate information to the public, and swiftly detecting high-risk patients. With these tools, the XM technology enterprise together with EY & SAP, believes governments will be better equipped in leading nations during these uncertain times.

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