Three-Part Webinar Series Features SAP in Healthcare


SAP TechTalk shines a spotlight on SAP in the healthcare industry in a three-part webinar series starting on 19th August 2020. 

Today, more than ever, the healthcare industry has relied on technology including COVID-19 contact-tracing, providing a stable medical supply chain, and adapting telehealth as well as remote monitoring of patients. To help the industry become a resilient and intelligent enterprise during these trying times, SAP TechTalk will be hosting a three-part webinar series to be held weekly from 19 August to 3 September.

Martin Burger, SAP’s Healthcare Go-To-Market Lead for Asia Pacific and China shared:

“In the past, hospitals never got the attention and budgets they deserve.”

Burger explained that the hospitals’ current finance system including funding approvals could be better with a sustainable solution. He said:

“Once the situation normalises, hospitals will have to check their finances.”

Hospitals have to closely monitor their costs, understand exactly where costs occur and what options there are to reduce costs or optimise them, without compromising quality of care,” he added.

SAP in Healthcare

In the upcoming webinar series, the SAP will be sharing experiences from across the industry on how the German company can help the healthcare industry drive value-based case by being an intelligent enterprise.

Part 1: Integrated electronic medical record system for hospitals, 19th August

This webinar will touch on the inefficiencies in hospitals caused by isolated systems for finance, inventory, patient billing, pharmacy, clinician orders among others. These, essentially, affect the total patient experience.

In this webinar, participants will be able to get insights on how SAP addresses these concerns through an Electronic Medical Record system that is integrated with patient billing and ERP. SAP experts will share the importance of having an experienced healthcare implementation partner in ensuring a successful project.

Part 2: Driving better healthcare outcomes through analytics, 26th August

SAP will feature its analytics suite of products that address challenges such as overwhelming data volumes in diverse healthcare systems and receiving real-time analytics. Experts will share how hospitals can leverage health analytics through pre-defined healthcare models for optimal choices for patients.

Burger explained:

“Traditional analytics solutions only look at historical data. It was assumed you have to always ask the same question.” 

With predictive analytics, doctors can get more insights into possible outcomes almost instantly.  

This webinar will also touch on how it is possible to derive data insights easily without a data scientist.

Part 3: Gaining granular insights into healthcare costs and profitability, 3rd September

SAP experts will delve into how hospitals can cope with increasing healthcare costs while maintaining profitability. This includes analysing their costs at a granular level such as cost per surgery, cost per diagnosis among many others to improve their bottom line. 

SAP will also share how direct and indirect costs can be allocated using an activity-based costing model and simulate cost changes and their impact on profitability in this episode.

This webinar series reflects SAP’s vision to help the healthcare industry become an Intelligent Enterprise through innovative solutions that would be highly efficient at saving and improving lives, deliver a seamless patient experience, and ensure value-based care. 

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