Hong Kong Self-Storage Advances with G4S and SAP

G4S and SAP handle security and document management for Hong Kong Self Storage

Hong Kong self-storage industry was previously reported to be lacking technological advancement compared the tech-savvy Mainland China despite the island’s 10-year head start.

Hong Kong self-storage operator, Hong Kong Storage, partners with G4S, a British multinational security services company, and SAP to shape its document-management services.

The company offers traditional and valet-style self-storage to its 14 facilities in the Hong Kong region and one in Shanghai. Now with tech and security partners around, the company is expanding its offerings to records storage and management services, record retrieval and imaging as well as shredding and disposal. In the recent press release, the program also now includes designing boxes for document storage.

The Hong Kong Storage officials shared in the release:

“The legal mandate of preserving records of monetary transactions, coupled with costly office space in big towers, have made it challenging for the business world in Hong Kong to maintain an efficient office storage space.”

Hong Kong Storage has been providing various document-storage solutions to both household and corporate clients.

“Through our dynamic and professional logistics experience, our customers enjoy a quick and safe transportation service. Our record-storage services are based on the ideal mix of the SAP warehouse- and G4S security-management [systems],” officials added.

SAP and G4S solutions enable the self-storage operator to compete with its Chinese counterparts. According to sources, in Mainland China, digital access and online payment options are already available services of storage facilities. On the other hand, the storage industry in Hong Kong still relies on tenant-supplied locks and physical keys for unit access.

In a survey conducted by Self Storage Association Asia in 2018, self-storage facilities in Mainland China have grown 122% annually on average, that is 180 facilities increasing to over 320. In comparison to the number of facilities, Hong Kong has 369 locations despite having the first self-storage facility in 2001. The slump in numbers can be attributed back in 2017 when the government had imposed stringent regulations on fire and safety to the building owners following two devastating fires.

About Hong Kong Storage

In 1997, Hong Kong Storage, a pioneer in mini storage services, introduced the “household storage service”. At that time, it is a brand new concept in the space-starved country that enhances the quality of life by freeing up valuable spaces for local households.

From small-scale mini storage in Kwai Chung, the company has now developed into a professional enterprise that manages storage facilities of over 3 million cu. ft., covering all major areas in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Storage has properties across Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and the New Territories and owns the Good World Storage in Shanghai. The company has a Yes-Storage program that provides valet-style pickup and delivery services.

About G4S

G4S (formerly Group 4 Securicor) is a multinational company headquartered in London that provides a supply of security personnel, monitoring equipment, response units and even securing prisoner transportation. The company also works with governments overseas to deliver security.

Operating in over 90 countries around the world, the security provider aims to create sustainable value by delivering industry-leading, technology-enabled security solutions and outstanding service for its customers.

With a heritage of more than 100 years, G4S’ strategy is to address the long-term positive demand for security and related services. Its enduring strategic aim is to demonstrate the values and performance that makes G4S the company of choice for customers, employees, and shareholders.

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