SAP Ariba Solutions Boost Konica Minolta Procurement

Japanese Konica Minolta Boosted by SAP Ariba Solutions

SAP Ariba Solutions utilize market-leading, digital commerce solutions, and Ariba Network, connecting buyers and suppliers as they grow their businesses. Over $7.6 billion worth of goods and services are traded in the digital market place every day.

SAP Ariba Solutions, industry-leading procurement solutions, will be implemented by Konica Minolta, Inc. to increase the company’s efficiencies in the procurement of indirect materials.

Since 2016, Konica Minolta, a global technology company leading in various fields such as office services, professional printing, healthcare and industrial, has been working to achieve greater efficiencies in its procurement and purchasing functions for indirect materials to the extent of forming a dedicated indirect materials procurement unit. Now, aside from optimizing external purchasing costs, the company aims to improve compliance through greater transparency in its expenditure processes starting with more assessable goods.

SAP Ariba is anticipated to bring the company closer to its goal of attaining strategic and highly efficient procurement. Leveraging SAP Ariba solutions, as a cloud-based procurement solution that allows suppliers and buyers to connect on a single platform, Konica Minolta will be able to consolidate data across its global operating sites at maximum capacity. At a time when the company is rapidly transforming within its home country Japan and overseas, having SAP Ariba in its ecosystem is the next natural strategy to support its business’ continual growth.

In 2018, Konica Minolta kicked-off a cross-organization change management project. By mid-2019, the company started running the full suite of SAP Ariba solutions digitalizing an end-to-end procurement and purchasing operations. It includes sourcing functions as a procurement solution, billing and payment notification functions as a purchasing solution and Ariba Network for managing relationships with the suppliers. Ariba Network is a dynamic, digital marketplace operating in over 190 countries.

The company plans to deploy SAP Ariba solutions in its overseas operations after its implementation in Konica Minolta’s Japan.

True to its vision of being an innovative global company that is robust and constantly evolving while remaining vital to society, Konica Minolta aims to become a digital company with insight into implicit challenges faced by its customers all over the world. In doing so, the company will be able to resolve issues alongside its customers and society.

Konica Minolta Legacy

Since 1873, Konica Minolta has been an industry leader exemplifying its corporate philosophy of “The Creation of New Value” shared by over 40,000 members worldwide.  Having a brand proposition of “Giving Shape to Ideas”, the innovative company continues to expand its business by pairing cutting-edge digital technologies to its core technologies in materials, optics, nanofabrication, and imaging.

Konica Minolta continues to explore new business opportunities while simultaneously diversifying its business lines from office services to healthcare products and industrial materials and equipment. To date, the tech giant conducts sales and services in approximately 150 countries across the globe contributing to about 80% of the company’s revenue.

The company has a total net sales of 1059.1 billion JPY with contributions coming from Europe (30%), US (28%), China, Asia and other (24%), and Japan (19%).

Konica Minolta Named Industry Leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, for Two Consecutive Years

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