Case Study: Esker Automates PanAust AP Processing

Case Study: Esker Automates PanAust AP Processing

PanAust was recognised as an innovator in the mining industry, winning the ‘Miners Innovation Award’ for its diesel backloading project at Austmine’s ‘2019 Mining Innovation Conference & Exhibition’ in Brisbane last May 2019.


PanAust, a copper and gold producer in Laos with pre-development opportunities in Laos, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, and Chile, partnered with Esker for its digital transformation with the implementation of modern back-office and mining systems. The Brisbane-headquartered company also established a Transactional Shared Service Centre in Laos as part of the process where the accounts payable (AP) team processes over 5,000 invoices per month. With a focus on business improvement and a desire to transition to paperless processing, PanAust sought an automated solution that would significantly streamline invoice processing.


PanAust tapped Esker, a worldwide leader in AI-driven back-office automation, for its Accounts Payable automation solution. The solution was chosen for its ease of use, stability, features, bandwidth requirements, reputation and certified integration with SAP, facilitating rapid implementation and reducing total cost of ownership.

As part of the project, Esker traveled to Vientiane, Laos, to determine PanAust’s specific solution requirements. After doing so, training sessions with members of PanAust’s Transaction Services Centre were held in PanAust’s head office in Brisbane, Australia, for Esker’s AP solution to be disseminated in a bottom-up and top-down manner. This facilitated the solution’s rapid and seamless adoption within the organization. Esker’s solution, which uses AI-based data extraction technology to process and archive invoices digitally, enables the Transactional Services Centre to bookmark invoices until goods are received. At that point, the team is automatically notified and able to process the invoice

About PanAust

Industry: Oil, Gas, Mining

ERP: SAP system

Solution: Accounts Payable

PanAust is an Australian incorporated company owned by Guangdong Rising H.K. (Holding) Limited which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. Ltd. (GRAM). The company is focused on a sustainable business model for production and sale of copper and gold, delivery of production goals, and astute, responsible growth.

PanAust‘s corporate office in Brisbane Australia provides leadership and support across the Group concerning strategy, financial management, commercial and technical services, risk management, sustainability, corporate communications, human resources, governance, and reporting.

The copper and gold producer enterprise is structured into two business units PanAust Asia and Project Development, wherein the PanAust Asia business unit takes the responsibility for operations in Laos and for supporting the implementation of business development strategies within Laos and the region.

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