SAP Asia Pacific Japan President’s Insights on Startups

SAP Asia Pacific Japan President's Insights on Startups

SAP Asia Pacific and Japan President Scott Russell was appointed in 2017 with the responsibility of growing SAP’s business and presence in the APJ region, including Australia/New Zealand, Japan, Korea, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

SAP Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) President Scott Russell shared in a recent interview with CNBC his insights on how SAP helps startups take off through the ERP Software giant’s accelerator programs.

Russell explained how the accelerator programs provide startups opportunities for openness in all aspects. He said:

“Particularly, in technology, it means that the platform can be applied in many different ways so you’re not using propriety technology. In fact, you’re using open technology in connecting to companies like SAP.”

He expressed that SAP provides its customers with the best-choice application that they can extend or connect, either in the cloud or on-premise.

How SAP helps

Connecting to the SAP Ecosystem

Russell said that the massive 46,000 SAP Asia customers give startups the advantage of connecting to SAP and an unparalleled opportunity to be part of the German tech company’s ecosystem while attracting their own customers as well.

More wiggle room for R&D

Having saved from investing in software through the open-source technology that SAP provides, startups can utilize a portion of its capital on planning for R&D.

“In planning the R&D and also when they go to market, it’s all about attracting the right customers, giving those firsts, making sure that its successful, said Russell.

Building powerful companies

He emphasized that working with SAP gives customers the end-to-end choice and a better platform to solve their needs. According to him, SAP’s technology combined with the startups’ becomes a really powerful combination for companies across the world.

What’s on demand

AI is emerging

The SAP APJ President confirmed that AI is an emerging trend that entrepreneurs look into as demonstrated in the startups in the Foundry. In Japan and Singapore, the startups are leveraging AI and Machine learning.

Female-led enterprises

Russell shared:

“And the other thing that we are really proud of, which is quite interesting in Asia, is that 40% of their startups are being led by female entrepreneurs, really dynamic leaders.”

He added that SAP is embracing a diverse ecosystem of Start-ups, which is a reflection of SAP’s advocacy on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Focusing on the Experience Economy

Russell stressed that the goal of SAP is to meet the Experience Economy through the combination of machine learning, AI and the enterprise scout technology.

“So it’s not just about solving a problem but it’s about enhancing somebody’s experience, whether be a consumer or an employee, brand or a product. The experiences are so important and that’s where these technologies can really help,” the SAP leader said.

5G helps

When CNBC asked if 5G helps or hinders the process, Russell is quick to say that “no doubt” it helps by providing startups access to the next generation technology.

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