Awarding SEA Customers’ Efforts to Be an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP


Top Southeast Asian companies National University Health System (NUHS), SATS, Terumo Asia Holdings, and DKSH Corporate Shared Services Center have all been recognized in various award categories in the SAP Best Run Awards, highlighting their efforts to become an intelligent enterprise with SAP.

As the German enterprise software giant honored its 50th year in Southeast Asia (SEA), the company celebrates organizations and individuals that lead the way in adjusting to the constantly changing business landscape despite the disruptions that are present in today’s modern economy. In the most recent SAP Best Run Awards for SEA, customers that have utilized SAP products to drive innovation and generate better business outcomes are being celebrated with two brand new awards namely the Sustainability Award and the Most Adaptable Award.

SAP SEA President and Managing Director Verena Siow acknowledged that the world is living through the process of how digital technologies are fundamentally transforming the way that businesses conduct their operations. She explained that customers are embracing SAP technologies to transform their operations, address difficulties in order to prevent being disrupted, and modernize mission-critical infrastructure in a manner that minimizes the risk to their enterprises.

Thrilled to be working with some of the most innovative and sustainable organizations in Southeast Asia, SAP MD Siow noted:

“With the SAP Best Run Awards, we are delighted to celebrate their achievements and resilience amidst changing business environments. SAP has been at the forefront of leading our customers through the pandemic and I look forward to empowering our customers for the next decade of growth in Southeast Asia and beyond.”

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP

NUHS, an integrated academic and regional health system in Singapore, received the Most Transformational Award because of its ability to undergo significant transformation in a short amount of time in order to successfully navigate the external factors that affect their sector. According to NUHS Group Chief HR Officer Priscilla Teo, the organization obtained two legacy HR systems when the country re-clustered the healthcare services in 2017, making the operations laborious and complicated.

Teo went on to explain that despite stringent government security regulatory requirements and limited internet connectivity on the office network, NUHS was able to successfully transition to a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution on SAP SuccessFactors. She added that the project became the first cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS) implementation in the country’s public healthcare industry.

“This implementation provided NUHS 15,000 employees 24/7 access to HR related information via a single mobile app called myHR mobile, and within the first month of go-live, over 90% of the employees have logged in, with a whopping 85% activation rate,” Teo revealed.

It can be noted that NUHS also deployed robotic processing automation (RPA) bots in order to automate and simplify the process of handling COVID-19 swab patient records within an SAP system. The organization drastically cut down the patient registration time from two minutes to just 30 seconds, enabling personnel to devote more of their time to the most important tasks.

Meanwhile, the inaugural Most Adaptable Award was given to SATS, a provider of gateway services and food solutions. With the intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) system SAP S/4HANA serving as the company’s digital core, SATS incorporated standard SAP functions in order to enhance its capabilities and make it possible for the company to pivot and scale.

Medical technology firm Terumo Asia Holdings, on the other hand, was recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit and was given the Emerging Frontier Market Award. The company was able to improve compliance and controls while also standardizing regional procedures and travel and expense (T&E) regulations after implementing SAP Concur across Terumo Asia to unify policies, processes, and systems.

Lastly, the DKSH Corporate Shared Services Center was the winner of both the awards for Best Customer Experience Management and the Sustainability Award. Sharing more about the SAP transformation project, DKSH Corporate Shared Services Center Chief Information Officer Sam Oh said:

“In early 2020, we built an online Product Information Management (PIM) system to create and standardize digital product contents. By leveraging the SAP Commerce Cloud, we have seen increased activities in the chemical business by 900%, digital leads by 500%, 45% increase in customers and a 48% increase in order value for our E-commerce business.”

Participants of the SAP Best Run Awards for SEA were encouraged to emphasize new ways of thinking, adopting the new standards, and deployments of technology that not only set the trend for their industry but also make their business work more efficiently. In addition, the German tech giant will contribute a total of US$30,000 to the ASEAN Data Science Explorers Program on behalf of the winning firms.

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