SAP HANA mobilises NTT Docomo’s customer service transformation

NTT Docomo

Photo: iStockphoto

Japan’s leading mobile telecommunications provider NTT Docomo chose the SAP HANA platform as the foundation for its massive data requirements to improve customer service nationwide in Japan’s highly competitive telecommunications market.

Following the eight month implementation, up to 18TB of data is now being collected from thousands of sources across the country, including approximately 2400 Docomo Shops with almost 37,000 employees, as well as call centres with more than 10,000 operators.

NTT Docomo was seeking a new IT platform system to strengthen its competitive edge, propose and deliver services to meet customer needs, enhance its data utilisation and improve the operational efficiency of its sales team.

“We are honoured to have been entrusted by NTT Docomo to build its data visualisation platform,” said Rohit Nagarajan, vice president, digital enterprise platform group, SAP Asia-Pacific and Japan.

He said that SAP HANA is ultimately benefitting NTT Docomo’s customers by providing the company with access to simplified data visualisations as well as accelerated insights from the massive amounts of data the company processes.

“Before we implemented the new system, we lacked the capability to deliver information to the sales force,” said Taku Hasegawa, general manager, information systems department, NTT Docomo. “It took the back-end office at least a week or two to generate and deliver information. Now with SAP HANA, users can pull out the latest data whenever they need to.”

He said the company expects to see significant customer service improvements resulting from the new platform, which enables the company to identify areas of operational improvement at the network of Docomo Shops across the country and which also provides the ability to uncover and share best practices for applying insights and lessons among the individual stores. As an example, he cited the new ability of individual stores to monitor the status of sales promotions as one factor leading to increased performance.

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