Qualtrics Japan Harnesses AWS Cloud Hosting Services


Leveraging AWS Cloud hosting services to deliver Qualtrics XM/OS enables Japanese enterprises to accelerate their experience transformation journey according to local industry standards.  

Experience Management company Qualtrics has announced that the Qualtrics XM/OS will now be available in Japan powered by the cloud infrastructure of AWS, which recently received the Leader rank in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services. The collaborative partnership with AWS complements the SAP-owned company’s deepening presence and investment in the country– such as the opening of the new Qualtrics Japan headquarters in Tokyo– to allow Japanese companies with easier access to XM solutions.

Explaining the experience management specialist’s business in the country, Satoru Kumashiro, Country Manager for Qualtrics in Japan, said:

“Japan is a key market for Qualtrics globally, and these latest developments reinforce our long-term commitment to the country, expanding the services, support, and expertise offered. In these uncertain times, experience management is more important than ever and Qualtrics gives Japanese organisations the ultimate advantage by helping them build deeper, personal relationships at scale to drive meaningful business outcomes.”

XM Solutions Powered by AWS Cloud Hosting Services 

AWS Cloud is dubbed as one of the most secure, reliable, and extensive Global Cloud infrastructure that offers more than 200 fully-featured services from data centers worldwide. AWS Global Infrastructure caters to 245 countries and territories and supports thousands of customers and partners globally. 

Qualtrics is one of the companies that have selected AWS as its public cloud infrastructure provider of choice and has been an active member of the Amazon Partner Network (APN), enabling the two multinationals to collaborate to support their mutual customers’ transformation journey leveraging Qualtrics XM solutions. In Japan, the most recent demonstration of the Qualtrics-AWS innovation alliance is the availability of Qualtrics XM/OS platform via the data center in the AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region, an addition to the company’s existing offerings in the regions of North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. 

This latest Qualtrics initiative brings unparalleled support to Japanese customers planning or currently embarking on an experience transformation journey. Leveraging the AWS Cloud to deliver the Qualtrics XM/OS means businesses can avail of the XM company’s solutions in compliance with relevant industry regulations and security benchmarks in Japan. This essentially empowers local enterprises with enhanced, real-time visibility of customers’ and employees’ insights to make informed decisions accordingly to drive performance and resiliency.

Reinforcing Qualtrics’ Capabilities in Japan

The cloud alliance with AWS is just one of the initiatives of Qualtrics to reinforce its commitment to improving its capabilities in the country. Qualtrics had earlier announced that it is supporting the Japanese enterprises and governments’ drive for enhanced experiences through the launch of a new data center in the country along with moving the Japanese headquarters to Tokyo and opening an office in Kansai to support regional customers. 

Today, the new headquarters in Japan located in front of Tokyo Station sprawls about 19,500 feet in the Shin-Marunouchi Building. Designed in consideration of the pandemic environment, the Qualtrics Japan office supports the hybrid work model providing tailored spaces, systems, and processes for enhanced collaboration for both in-person and remote working.

Furthermore, Qualtrics deepening presence in Japan in the past year has been reflected in the adoption of its XM solutions by both government and private sectors.  In April, SAP Japan and Qualtrics started offering free access to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Platform to allow refugees from Ukraine to seamlessly connect to Japan– including those who wish to evacuate to the country– and corresponding organisations that provide aid. The Nippon Foundation also leverages this support platform. In partnership with LINE corporation, Okinawa City implemented–for the first time in Japan– Qualtrics solutions and SAP Vaccine Collaboration Hub (VCH) to help manage the COVID-19 vaccination of its 11,000 citizens.

Global Japanese enterprises have also adopted Qualtrics experience management applications. Fujitsi Limited rolled out the VOICE programme under the company-wide modernisation project Fujitsu Transformation to get the pulse of the employees and customers. And most recently, Shiseido Group selected the Qualtrics employee experience solution, EmployeeXM, to assist in improving employee wellbeing, productivity, and workforce development within the organisation.

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