SAP Public Cloud Solution Digitalizes Chubu Electric Power Group


The SAP public cloud solution, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, enables Chubu Electric Power Group to digitally transform its business operations. Utilizing the cloud infrastructure, the company can now access a reliable and secure platform to leverage powerful analytics and artificial intelligence solutions, while increasing their overall efficiency.

Chuden CTI Co., Ltd., a company that specializes in the digital transformation (DX) of the Chubu Electric Power Group, recently announced that they have achieved tangible business results since their cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, was put into operation approximately 18 months ago. This progress clearly indicates their successful transition to this state-of-the-art technology and is likely to bring even greater future success. (InsideSAP Asia often references articles from websites in other languages to bring you as much information as possible.)

Chubu Electric Power Group has established the “Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision 2.0” and “DX Initiatives in the Chubu Electric Power Group” to promote DX throughout the organization, with the aim of revolutionizing customer services and operations. By implementing these initiatives, Chubu Electric Power Group is committed to driving forward transformation efforts that will ensure they remain competitive in this ever-changing technological age. The company is actively striving to create an innovative environment that focuses on delivering a superior customer experience as well as optimizing internal operations for increased efficiency and productivity.

Conversely, Chuden CTI occupies a unique position within the Chubu Electric Power Group as the only Information Technology (IT) enterprise. This puts them in a prime position to spearhead initiatives designed to promote DX and facilitate the internal generation of technical expertise for their business group.

With the new digitalization platform using the SAP public cloud solution, the company will be able to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve customer engagement. Additionally, SAP S/4HANA Cloud allows for improved scalability which ensures that Chubu Electric Power Group will have the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing market conditions in order to remain competitive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

With SAP Public Cloud Solution

Chuden CTI pioneered the introduction of DX inside the Chubu Electric Power Group, and the firm is currently formulating a plan to use this expertise in rolling out DX to the rest of the organization. For the first time in the electric power industry, the firm has deployed SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, to manage Software as a Service (SaaS)-type ERP accounting operations. This new system platform may combine common business activities in a short amount of time. Moreover, SAP Concur was introduced for cost reimbursement, and SAP SuccessFactors was implemented for HR and training purposes.

Instead of using custom-built features, the Fit to Standard methodology was used in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, implementation project. A review of business processes and an emphasis on educating engineers who can respond with the Fit to Standard technique were implemented as part of the company’s structural reforms to create new value.

With the rollout of the SAP public cloud solution, the following results were realized:

  • Work time was reduced thanks to enhanced data input ease and reduced man-hours as a result of the automated accounting process closing.
  • As obtaining financial data is now less of a hassle, analysts are able to do their tasks more quickly.
  • By the use of transportation IC card data connection and paperless operations made possible by electronic approval, SAP Concur allowed the organization to significantly reduce expenditures associated with expense reimbursement.

In addition to fostering DX within the Chubu Electric Power Group, the company plans to grow its business as an integrator both within and beyond the group by capitalizing on its existing expertise and partnerships.

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