ASEAN DSE Tackles Climate Action with SAP Data Analytics Software


The 10 winning teams from the ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ASEANDSE) 2021 National Finals utilised SAP data analytics software in designing solutions that address today’s climate and sustainability issues. The winning team from each National Finals will compete at the Regional Finals in October 2021.

ASEAN DSE is a flagship programme under the ASEAN Foundation’s partnership with SAP that encourages the youth of Southeast Asian countries to deliver data-driven, innovative, and feasible solutions that tackle pressing socio-economic in the region across the six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, with a renewed focus on SDGs that target climate and sustainability, the regional data analytics competition for tertiary students recognised the 10 best all-rounded concepts based on creativity, feasibility, innovation, and the team’s ability to demonstrate the solution’s implementation.

“2021 marks the fifth-year milestone for the ASEAN DSE competition. Initially starting as a platform to empower youths with digital skills to grow the next generation of leaders, this year, we have added climate action as a key focus in our program, This sharpened focus is aligned with the ASEAN priorities. I am proud of the diversity of ideas the participants brought to this initiative. Their passion for creating social impact is impressive. ASEAN DSE continues to play a role in educating and inspiring the future workforce by enabling youths so that we, as one ASEAN, can be a sustainable economic powerhouse,” said Mr. Atul Tuli, Managing Director of SAP Indochina.

2021 National Champions

In 2021, 714 students from ten ASEAN countries across the region competed to represent their country in the National Finals. Here are the 10 national winners to compete for the regional finals next month:

Brunei: Team Start Up- Food Waste Minimisation Towards a Sustainable World

Cambodia: Team Sprinkle- Recycle Center is the solution for waste management; To reduce municipal solid waste in urban areas

Indonesia: Team Spotindev- Bridging Sustainable Fashion in ASEAN Society

Laos: Team Growy- Food Loss and Waste Reduction to Sustainable Community: Collaborative of every sector can help us to achieve SDG 12.3 by 2030

Malaysia: Team Brain Drain: Prioritizing E-Waste: How Can Earth Keep Up with Digital Integration

Myanmar: Team Glory- Newborn to Travel: Downfall &Recovery to Tourism

Philippines: Team Amplify- ASEAN Sustainable Consumption Loop: Limiting waste and sustaining capabilities in ASEAN communities through real-time information cloud

Singapore: Team Czus- Unsustainable Necessities: Digitizing palm oil supply chains

Thailand: Team Youth Forward- Altering Collars: Empowering Farming Towards a Sustainable Future of the ASEAN Community

Vietnam: Team Dastronaut- Adaptive Urban-Industrial Symbiosis Strategy: Utilizing Municipal Waste as an Economic Source

Harnessing SAP Data Analytics Software

In 2021, the programme organised by SAP and ASEAN Foundation in collaboration with NGOs was able to deliver SAP Analytics Cloud training to 11,782 students and lecturers– a 158{aa282f308afcc222aaa21b0478c79e01a8fedd01972e2180867097bd93930f22} increase from 2020 (4,563 youths and lecturers). 

Sharing their experience in the competition utilising the SAP data analytics software, Malaysia’s ASEAN DSE National Champion Team Brain Drain from Sunway University said:

“Data analytics has helped us make the process of identifying problems in ASEAN countries, analysing data, and coming up with solutions to solve the identified problems much easier. With that, we would like to thank the ASEAN Foundation and SAP as the organisers of the ASEAN Data Science Explorers for providing this opportunity for us to venture further into this field to get hands-on experience in exploring data, and creating data-driven solutions.” 

Dr. Yang Mee Eng, ASEAN Foundation’s Executive Director, explained that amidst today’s uncertainties, the organisation and SAP’s commitment to empower the ASEAN youth with future-ready skills and accelerate the growth of the digital economy in the region is reflected by ASEANDSE. Commending the participants that showcased innovative data-driven proposals, Dr. Eng stressed:

“It is a testament to what our youth can do when provided with an immersive platform to showcase their talents. We believe that if given the opportunity, our ASEAN youth can create impactful solutions for the community to prosper. We also hope that the collaboration between ASEAN Foundation and SAP can inspire more public-private partnerships in the future to support the development of our future generation.”

We, at InsideSAP, advocate sustainability practices into SAP projects through our own TRP (Talent Resource Planning) platform, InsideSAP Careers. Aside from championing contactless and paperless recruitment, we plant trees for every person hired, across every project, every month.

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