SAP NOW Hong Kong Highlights Local Enterprises’ Transformation


SAP NOW Hong Kong 2022, an event organized by the German tech giant this year, is an innovative conference that has attracted some of the country’s reputable business leaders to share their thoughts on cloud, data, and technology.

With the business environment changing in an effort to stay ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are doing more to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. It has become vital to remain resilient and responsive in order to compete with current and future competitors in the market. Recently, the subsidiary of the German enterprise software giant in Hong Kong invited esteemed leaders from the local business community — that has been at the forefront of transformational change — to share their best practices and insights into cloud deployment.

In the lead-up to the SAP NOW Hong Kong conference, the emphasis has been on preparing “Intelligent Sustainable Enterprises” for a future of data-driven operations. In honor of SAP’s global 50th anniversary and SAP Hong Kong’s 30th anniversary, it is an opportunity to reflect and reimagine how society can create organizations that are sustainable in every sense of the word – socially and environmentally but also financially.

During the event conference held this month, SAP Hong Kong Managing Director Rajni Sharma welcomed a diverse range of key business community stakeholders to the forum where she shared her insights on how the latest cutting-edge technologies can help companies transform. She said that the company launched the Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) offering RISE with SAP a year ago, bringing with it fifty years of experience in providing enterprise solutions.

Utilizing data management, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automation, and predictive analysis, Sharma said that the holistic service enables businesses to better facilitate collaboration among their clients, staff, vendors, and partners.

“SAP is also supporting companies to embed sustainability into their core processes to strengthen business continuity,” she further added.

Local Companies Share Transformation Stories at SAP NOW Hong Kong

In response to the growing importance of data in business, Tontec International Limited President Nelson Lam advised conference attendees at SAP NOW to begin their cloud journey by establishing a data culture within the company in which employees believe in the power of big data. Lam explained that this culture must be established before any other aspect of a cloud strategy is put into place, as it will serve as a foundation for key decisions related to large-scale data storage, analytics and more.

Tontec International Limited, a leading manufacturer of high-quality affordable injection molds that are used to mass-produce a wide variety of products, has recently adopted the signature cloud solution RISE with SAP with the goal of transforming the company’s manufacturing processes and powering its international expansion. Lam said that after successfully building a data culture inside an organization, they can then identify what type of product and process data to capture and utilize. He believes that this will provide a realistic understanding of what cloud computing brings as it pertains to specific data needs.

Meanwhile, Crystal International Group Limited — a global leader in apparel manufacturing and one of the best-known brands in high-quality fashion — has been able to buck the trend of being a company that is reliant on labor when they have instead embraced automation and AI. As a result, it has been able to bolster its transformation through a “One Team One Dream” slogan, empowering its workforce, technology partners and SAP departments, to work towards a shared objective.

Karl Ting, who is the General Manager of Corporate Information Services at the company, noted that companies that are venturing into a cloud transformation journey to establish clear goals and objectives should first begin on a roadmap that is well-defined and logical, with steps that are carefully planned out. However, he also said that organizations should be aware that continuous improvement is not a guarantee and that this can often involve taking risks in order to see the desired outcome.

Other local enterprises that also joined the SAP NOW Hong Kong forum are Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company Limited and Chinachem Group. They are often seen as some of the most innovative companies in their respective industries, making them strong candidates for going out of their way to be a part of such an event.

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