Growing RISE with SAP Customers in China Evident in Q2 Results


More and more Chinese SAP customers are signing up for the German tech giant’s portfolio of cloud solutions, particularly the Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) offering RISE with SAP.

RISE with SAP has been powering the company’s pivot to becoming a cloud company since its January 2021 launch, enabling organizations to transition their IT infrastructure to the cloud and scale transformation efforts according to their own terms and timelines. Over 650 customers have chosen SAP’s intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) system SAP S/4HANA during the second quarter of 2022. More than 60% of these organizations were new customers.

The latest financial results provide a strong indication that SAP is setting a new standard for business management and actively giving customers the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace. In Q2 2022, the signature cloud product was also selected by an increasing number of Chinese organizations to power their mission-critical business processes. (InsideSAP Asia often references articles from websites in other languages to bring you as much information as possible.) 

According to SAP Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member Christian Klein, the performance of SAP during the second quarter demonstrates that the company’s solutions are fulfilling customer needs better than they ever have before. He went on to say that the transformation to the cloud is happening far more quickly than anticipated, and that cloud revenue has exceeded expectations and is now SAP’s primary source of revenue.

“We have a strong business opportunity, and with S/4HANA’s current cloud to-be-delivered business growth of 100%, SAP’s market share is steadily increasing,” Klein further shared.

Chinese SAP Customers Embark on a Digital Transformation Journey

Aside from international conglomerate Lei Shing Hong Limited and mobile lighting company Olight, we will also explore in this article some of the Chinese companies that have recently embarked on an intelligent enterprise journey leveraging the BTaaS signature cloud offering from the German software giant. 

Hisense Group

Hisense is a popular Chinese company that specializes in home appliances, and manufactures color TVs and refrigerators. It also has nearly 30 factories at home and abroad through its recent acquisitions.

As a long-time customer of SAP, Hisense had been looking for a new way to streamline employee management in a cost-effective manner, so they decided to implement RISE with SAP. The low investment and ease of use made it an attractive choice for the company as they felt it would allow them to effectively integrate their human and financial management alongside property control. It will also support globally coordinated business activities and Research & Development (R&D) systems.


After expanding technology and innovation for 30 years, Zoomlion has grown from the birthplace of China’s construction machinery technology to a global enterprise. With its overseas business always looking for innovation, Zoomlion’s overseas subsidiary chose RISE with SAP to be the foundation of their new software platform.

The company has a clear, ambitious plan to leverage the cloud and automate their standardized management practices in order to meet the company’s ambitious global expansion goals. In particular, they are looking to rapidly deploy standards across the entire enterprise, provide support for overseas branches, and finally, meet local regulatory requirements quickly so that they can operate as efficiently as possible.

Shandong Jingbo Holding Development Co., Ltd.

As one of the leading private refining and chemical companies in the Shandong province, Shandong Jingbo Holdings has decided to move its management to the cloud in order to support the group’s high-quality development strategy and meet regulatory needs in an era of “dual carbon”. To this end, it has chosen to use RISE with SAP as its enterprise cloud solution.

By focusing on the ERP cloud-based full coverage, optimizing the process and internal control, and financial standardization, Shandong Jingbo Holdings hopes to improve the management level of the group and lay a digital foundation for its business expansion.

Choosing SAP Solutions to Become an Intelligent Enterprise

Demonstrating SAP’s success in the country, the following Chinese organizations have also partnered with the tech giant in the second quarter of 2022 to accelerate business process transformation and help them scale growth.

  • Biopharmaceutical company BeiGene was looking for a centralized solution to streamline procurement, contract management, and payments across the company’s offices around the world. The company chose SAP Ariba, hoping to quickly build a unified procurement management platform in the cloud and create an integrated solution from procurement, contract, to payment.
  • Battlely, one of the country’s most prestigious and celebrated luxury car dealership groups, has chosen to deploy SAP Intelligent Robotic Processing Automation (SAP iRPA) and SAP Cloud Application Services (SAP CAS) in order to save time on tasks such as data acquisition, information aggregation, and automation. 
  • Chinese fast food brand Lao Niangjiu has renewed its contract for the SAP Commerce Cloud and expanded the database to consolidate the construction of the menu management center and order middle platform, thereby improving business management efficiency.
  • Battery manufacturer and exporter Leoch International has chosen to implement SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Process Automation, and RISE with SAP to provide a more comprehensive approach to enterprise operations by creating a full chain of cost, quotation, order, and production systems.
  • In the early days of their establishment, Haichen New Energy’s rapid growth in business necessitated a high-standard operating system, and so they selected SAP S/4HANA as their platform, as well as SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP BTP.
  • Aohai Technology chose RISE with SAP, SAP BTP, and other solutions from SAP to help them move to the cloud and allow for integrated management of their supply chain.

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