SAP.iO Foundry Singapore, IMDA Foster Sustainable Innovation


SAP.iO Foundry Singapore has joined forces with Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to introduce the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise program. This 6-month initiative is specifically designed to empower tech startups in developing groundbreaking solutions across key areas of focus, including 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, robotics, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or mixed reality (MR).

In an era of constant disruption and rapid transformation, businesses face the dual challenge of staying profitable while embracing sustainability and intelligence. By harnessing the power of innovative technologies, enterprises can gain a competitive edge by making informed decisions and swiftly adapting to dynamic market changes. Organizations that possess the agility and intelligence to navigate today’s complex business landscape are primed for long-term success.

The collaboration between SAP.iO Foundry Singapore and IMDA exemplifies the commitment of both organizations to drive sustainable innovation and support the growth of tech startups. By nurturing the talent and ideas of these startups, the program aims to pave the way for groundbreaking solutions that address real-world challenges and drive sustainable growth in industries across the globe.

Verena Siow, President, and Managing Director of SAP Southeast Asia, expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with IMDA to foster a vibrant ecosystem for startups to achieve their goals. Southeast Asia, known for its rapid growth and innovative potential, offers an ideal environment for nurturing startups. With its dynamic economy, diverse culture, and digitally savvy population, the region presents immense opportunities for businesses to flourish. SAP remains committed to fostering co-innovation and supporting the growth of startups within this thriving ecosystem.

The program places significant emphasis on sustainability, both in terms of business solutions and their impact on the environment. A jury comprising experts from SAP, IMDA, and selected SAP customers meticulously selected nine startups to participate in the program. These startups will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with leading corporations and end-users, showcasing real-world applications of their innovative technologies across various industries.

Startups Participate in SAP.iO Foundry Singapore and IMDA’s Program

Let’s take a closer look at the startups participating in the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise program:

Ackcio specializes in building wireless monitoring systems that enhance efficiency and intelligence in industrial operations. Their innovative solutions aim to optimize processes and make industrial settings smarter and faster.

Meanwhile, Delta Capture focuses on managing the sustainability of agriculture supply chains. With their solutions, they empower businesses to monitor and enhance the environmental impact of agricultural practices.

Furthermore, Intangles revolutionizes fleet monitoring standards through its proprietary digital twin technology. Their solutions enable businesses to enhance fleet efficiency and reduce operational costs.

QZense specializes in helping companies optimize food supply chain operations through IoT-based automation and analytics solutions. Their innovative technologies enable businesses to enhance food quality, reduce waste, and streamline supply chain processes.

Scoutbee also offers actionable supplier insights powered by their Scoutbee Intelligence Platform. Their solutions enable businesses to make informed decisions about supplier selection, thereby optimizing supply chain efficiency.

Moreover, SkyMap provides location-based data analytics that delivers geospatial AI applications with a focus on sustainability. By harnessing the power of location data, SkyMap offers valuable insights that drive sustainable decision-making across various industries.

Unbox Robotics specializes in elevating fulfillment for digital commerce through intelligent vertical robotic sortation. Their cutting-edge solutions enhance warehouse automation, enabling businesses to optimize order fulfillment processes.

On the other hand, UNL Global empowers organizations to develop highly scalable, hyperlocal applications and services using their data, location, and mapping tools. Their solutions offer valuable insights into location-based services, driving efficient operations and enhancing customer experiences. By leveraging UNL Global’s tools, companies can unlock the potential of location data and provide tailored services that cater to specific localities.

Lastly, xSquare leverages intelligent warehouse automation technology to optimize warehouse operations without altering existing configurations. Their solutions enable businesses to enhance warehouse efficiency and streamline operations. By adopting xSquare’s technology, companies can achieve significant improvements in warehouse performance, including increased productivity, reduced costs, and streamlined workflows.

These startups, carefully selected for their innovative solutions, will gain invaluable resources and support throughout the program. They will also receive dedicated mentorship from the teams at SAP.iO Foundry Singapore and IMDA, and collaborate with the German tech giant’s enterprise customers and IMDA’s network of industry partners, startups, and corporates. Additionally, they will have access to SAP’s technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), empowering them to commercialize their tech solutions effectively.

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