SAP Industry Cloud Portfolio Adds SENSYN ROBOTICS Solution


Integrated business automation platform SENSYN CORE, which was developed by Tokyo-based startup SENSYN ROBOTICS, is the first SAP Industry Cloud Partner solution from Japan.

By leveraging the potential of robotics, SENSYN ROBOTICS intends to advance aspects of society that are currently seen as “commonplace.” Since its founding in October 2015, the Japanese company has made great strides toward accomplishing this goal by utilizing the capabilities of robotics to fully automate previously labor-intensive tasks, such as facility checks, disaster mitigation, as well as security and monitoring.

As an SAP Partner, SENSYN ROBOTICS was one of the companies chosen to participate in the startup accelerator program, SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo, in 2021. This served as the impetus for a partnership with the German enterprise software giant to develop SENSYN CORE, a solution that helps maintain the processes of power stations operated by organizations in the oil, chemical, materials, gas, and power industries. The solution integrates SAP’s facility maintenance solution, and the SAP Asset Intelligence Network, which is powered by the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

SAP Asset Intelligence Network uses the SENSYN CORE solution to recover stored construction and operational data, and choose the locations to be thoroughly checked, and connect those details to the platform. At which point SENSYN CORE leverages the insights to create drone flight paths that enable the drone to autonomously begin the evaluation and gather data like photographs of the plant facilities.

Acknowledging that the industry cloud initiative relies heavily on the contributions of SAP partners, SAP Global Senior Vice President and Head of Cloud Industry Program Kai Finck, said in a statement:

“With open APIs, process and data models, as well as a wealth of cloud native technologies to innovate at the vertical edge, SAP’s industry cloud is attracting partners like SENSYN ROBOTICS, who are looking to create “next business practices” for enterprises and business networks that will help accelerate the pace at which customers can address shifting business demands.”

Developing a Solution for SAP Industry Cloud Offerings

Industry cloud solutions built by SAP and its partners on an open platform offer enterprises an easy access point to new vertical solutions across a wide range of sectors, including the automotive, telecommunications, and energy industries. Businesses are able to begin the process of cost-effective business transformation and sustainable growth while managing disruptions and changes in the industry if they have solutions that are designed to be interoperable with the intelligent suite offered by SAP.

SENSYN ROBOTICS Chief Executive Officer Takuya Kitamura stated that new technologies provide an opportunity for utilities and energy providers to become safer and more efficient in their operations. He further said:

“We aim to enable reliable inspections of plant facilities through the use of digital platforms and robotics, leveraging big data and analytics to recognize and address anomalies faster, ultimately driving greater reliability and boosting productivity.”

Using acquired data, the SENSYN CORE solution is able to identify anomalies or warning signs and provides contextual commentary relevant to the observed issue. Additionally, SAP’s asset management system is linked to the findings, and the appropriate people are notified so they may take the next steps.

Moreover, the solution’s advantages for sustainability and environmental health and safety come from its potential to expand the usage of automated maintenance in place of manned support, hence decreasing the number of site visits and minimizing the potential for human error.

Congratulating all of the people involved in the collaboration, SAP Asia Pacific Japan (SAP APJ) President Paul Marriott shared in a LinkedIn post:

“For 50 years, innovation has been at the heart of our strategy and our customers’ success. And when our ecosystem of partners co-innovate with us, our impact is significantly amplified. SAP partners are a critical component of our industry cloud initiative. Together we are creating innovative solutions that help prepare our customers for shifting market and business demands.”

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