Jamf Connect for Secure Login Experience

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Jamf integrates with Google Cloud Identity to secure and streamline the login experience for end users. Integration allows users to use their Cloud Identity credentials to log on to their macOS device and access all their applications.

Secure Login Experience

Jamf has announced that it is partnering with Google Cloud to provide both schools and enterprises with a simple, unified authentication and account synchronisation process. With Jamf Connect, users can unbox their Apple device, power it on and access their corporate and learning applications after signing on with Cloud Identity (or G Suite) credentials. Additionally, IT admins are more easily able to manage Mac accounts while knowing their hardware and information is secure. 
Jamf Connect simplifies the provisioning process with Apple and is a streamlined way to manage accounts and authentication in organisations that leverage Cloud Identity credentials with:

  • Jamf Authentication plugin – Users can log onto their Mac with their Cloud Identity credentials.
  • Account creation – IT admins can create local accounts based on Cloud Identity user information, and for identity providers that allow it, keep passwords in sync with those in the directory service.
  • Multifactor – IT admins can use supported Cloud Identity credentials multifactor authentication methods at the macOS login window.

Jamf’s Beginnings

Jamf initially stepped into the identity authentication space with the acquisition of Orchard & Grove, the makers of NoMAD.  The  open-source solution, NoMAD, remains free while the commercial versions of NoMAD (including NoMAD Pro, NoMAD Login+ and PKINIT) were folded into a single solution and rebranded Jamf Connect. Jamf Connect is able to integrate with other mobile device management (MDM) providers, not just Jamf Pro, Jamf’s flagship MDM product. And, in addition to Google Cloud, Jamf Connect now also integrates with IBM, OneLogin and Ping, along with Okta and Microsoft Azure.

SAP chose Jamf, the standard in Apple management, to manage its 17,000 Mac, 83,000 iOS and 170 Apple TV devices in 2018. SAP is managing these devices together with Jamf Pro to create a native and integrated IT and user experience across all of its Apple devices.

“Jamf Connect is a cutting-edge product that allows organisations to easily set up, manage, and authenticate users on a Mac with the cloud identity provider of choice,” said Joel Rennich, Director of Jamf Connect, Jamf. “By partnering with Google Cloud, a top identity provider especially within education organisations, we aim to securely streamline the way users sign in and access their tools.” 

For more information on Jamf Connect, click here.

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