Cloud4C, an SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Supplier, Expands Asia Reach

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Supplier Cloud4C Expands Reach in Asia

Cloud4C, a global premium supplier of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, launches operations in South Korea and announces the appointment of Audy Antow as the Country Leader for Indonesia. The organization, part of the Ctris Group Company, was featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-enabled Managed Hosting in the Asia Pacific region. The announcements form part of the company’s mission to expand its market footprint and be the number one SAP partner in the region.

The Asia Pacific region’s demand for cloud-based services and solutions has seen significant growth in recent times. GlobalData, a trusted and gold-standard intelligence provider to the world’s largest industries, reports that the cloud market in the region is projected to grow 117% from USD$133 billion to $288 billion in the years between 2019 and 2024. This is supported by another report from Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III) that found that demand for cloud solutions in Asia Pacific reached a record high in the first quarter of 2020, with contract values reaching US$2 billion.

As a core technology that supports digital transformation across the globe, the business value of shifting to ‘the cloud’ has never been more apparent. Enhanced security and data protection, data modernization, reduced costs, and improved IT operations performance are just some of the benefits of cloud technology.

Considered the world’s 1st Tier-4 public cloud and managed services provider, and a global premium supplier of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, Cloud4C is well-positioned in meeting the Asia Pacific region’s demand for innovative cloud services and solutions. The company offers high-availability and customized hybrid, multi-cloud management solutions and IT services through its rich and differentiated features that include:

  • high-grade data centers
  • expertise on hyperscalers
  • support for hybrid clouds
  • multi availability zones
  • four-way disaster recovery architecture
  • zero data loss guarantee backed by SLAs

Leveraging Alliances as Premium Supplier of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

With the launch of Cloud4C’s operations in South Korea, enterprises of all sizes in the country who are aiming to modernize their IT systems and embark on a digital transformation can now leverage the company’s strategic partnership with SAP. As one of the select few global partners delivering cloud and infrastructure operations for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, Cloud4C enables a complex SAP Application transformation and migration journey in a more efficient, economical, and adaptable manner.

Country Head and Vice President for South Korea, Peter Seo, said,

“We plan to enable businesses in South Korea through our wide spectrum of services to help them address their critical business needs through differentiated offerings such as banking community cloud, SAP community cloud, cloud migration services to hyperscale cloud providers and cloud managed services. Leveraging the existing alliances as Premium Supplier of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, we aim to be the number one SAP partner in the region.”

Expanding the Cloud Ecosystem in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the current cloud market size is at US$400 million and is expected to rise to US$1.2 billion by 2023. The country is considered a potentially huge market for cloud computing with several businesses in the financial, wholesale and retail sales, transport, warehouse and communications, and the creative industries as top early adopters.

Cloud4C’s recent appointment of Audy Antow as the Country Leader for Indonesia is set to enhance the company’s focus on expanding the cloud ecosystem in the country and enhancing relationships with CIOs and IT leaders in support of their organization’s digital transformation journeys.

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO of Cloud4C, said of the appointment,

“Indonesia is amongst the fastest-growing markets in ASEAN, with demand for cloud services increasing rapidly in the last 5 years. It is one of the most strategic markets for us. I extend a warm welcome to Audy as he joins Cloud4C employee family. Audy brings along a deep understanding of Indonesian market. I am confident under his leadership, we will continue to enhance our deep engagements with CIOs and IT Leaders in Indonesia to support them in their digital transformation journey.”

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