SAP Hong Kong Highlights Intelligent Technologies Amidst COVID-19

SAP Hong Kong Leverages Intelligent Technologies Amidst COVID19

“Hong Kong’s digital landscape is full of opportunities for companies to take advantage of the latest technologies to become more efficient, deliver better customer and employee experiences, and transform their businesses to move ahead of their competition,” said SAP Hong Kong Managing Director Fabian Padilla Crisol when he was appointed the role last December 2019.

Hong Kong has been an international business, trade, and financial hub apart from being a renowned tourist city in the past years. Hong Kong’s successful small open economy is brought about by a leveled playing field for businesses, simple and low tax regime, free flow of capital and information, highly efficient markets, and world-class infrastructure. 

However, the country is not spared from the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has reached a global scale affecting many industries such as healthcare, tourism, trade, and even the high-tech industry. The new virus has disrupted business operations due to public health concerns forcing organisations to re-structure, some even imposing a work-from-home scheme.

Recognising the pressing concern, SAP Hong Kong highlights the company’s business software portfolio to help companies optimise employee experience, safeguard employee-safety and improve work-from-home efficiency from all geographical locations.

Fabian Padilla Crisol, SAP Hong Kong Managing Director said: 

“The recent COVID-19 outbreak has substantially disrupted global supply chains as well as domestic consumption.”

“It has hence become mission-critical for companies to ensure business continuity, starting with safeguarding employee safety. Companies can leverage intelligent technologies to create a future-proof operational environment where companies are updated on their employees’ health and whereabouts, and remote work-life is feasible and effective,” he added.

The Intelligent Technologies

As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP offers intelligent technologies that support companies’ employee experience and safety.

Qualtrics can help organisations use technology to understand employee safety and business continuity especially at times of change and uncertainty such as the COVID-19 outbreak. Popular for being the best-in-class employee and customer experience management solution, Qualtrics has Qualtrics EmployeeXM that enables companies to collect employees’ feedback with pre-defined questions and provide evaluation dashboards. The platform helps companies assess the workforce’s risk of exposure to emergencies, ensure employees access to the right software while working remotely and align processes across all geographical locations for security and data compliance.

Concur, SAP’s leading spend management solution, has SAP Concur Locate, which provides a powerful employee risk management and safety communication solution to help companies ensure their employees’ safety wherever they are. It consolidates multiple ways to reach employees remotely, share information, offer advice and, when necessary, move them to safety. Essentially, it offers three benefits such as:

  • Locating employees providing real-time data from HR profiles, location check-ins, and travel itinerary
  • Proactive communication via voice, email and messaging
  • Timely help to employees providing rapid global security info, appropriate medical, security & travel assistance

Fieldglass, SAP’s Software-as-a-Service solution that offers services for external workforce management and services procurement. As an open vendor management system (VMS), it helps organisations track, engage and manage their external workforces including independent contractors, freelancers, and temporary staff. It enables companies to identify external workforces’ locations, monitor their health and implement necessary measures. 

SuccessFactors, a complete, cloud-based human resource management (HR) system from SAP, helps companies improve workforce efficiency wherever their employees are. SAP Jam Collaboration, a cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform, helps employees’ self-publish content, and share and discuss with co-workers. Furthermore, SAP Learning Hub helps assess always-on training and social learning resources in personalised and flexible ways.

These intelligent technologies from the German ERP company enable organisations to empower employees, ensure their safety and health, and run the business as usual in this challenging time.

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