PCS Thailand Invests in SAP SuccessFactors Cloud HR Solution


PCS Thailand has announced its largest investment in 50 years — the deployment of SAP SuccessFactors cloud HR solution which will streamline HR processes and replace legacy systems. This is a significant move for the company and one that signals a real commitment to embrace new technologies in order to stay competitive.

A subsidiary of OCS Group, PCS Thailand is a leading international provider of integrated facility management services. It has been in business for more than five decades and has established a strong reputation for quality and reliability. PCS Thailand has 20 branches and 5 security training centers across the country, making it one of the largest businesses under the OCS Group. It provides essential facilities management services to more than 5,000 customers in Thailand, helping them to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and achieve their sustainability goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to change the way they work and shift their preferences in terms of employee experience in their organizations. In response, PCS Thailand has been on a digital transformation journey to provide efficient services to its customers and support geographically dispersed employees and operations. This shift has required PCS Thailand to improve its technology infrastructure and adopt new ways of working in order to meet the needs of its employees and customers.

After careful consideration, PCS Thailand decided that SAP SuccessFactors was the best option to align with its digital transformation approach. The cloud-based human resources (HR) solution deployment is aimed at improving process efficiencies for its workforce across the country, from operating staff to frontline employees. Implementing SAP SuccessFactors would enable PCS Thailand to improve communication and collaboration among people, as well as provide them with access to up-to-date information and resources.

PCS Thailand has now joined the likes of Thai Beverage and Kuok Singapore in reinventing HR through the use of innovative technologies that empower employees. The transformation project enables employees to have more control over their work lives and careers, resulting in a more motivated and productive workforce.

David McGeown, Director of Transformation and Technology at PCS Thailand, stated that the company’s digital transformation approach centers around improving services and giving customers more accurate information about those offerings. He added that the company has reached a tipping point where it can no longer sustain expansion by adding staff to existing processes.

“So, a big part of our digital transformation strategy is to simplify work processes by replacing paper-based tasks with automated processes. This will help remove the burden of personal and employment administration tasks and will make it easier for our front-line employees to perform their work,” he further explained.

Implementing SAP’s Cloud HR Solution

SAP SuccessFactors solutions will allow PCS Thailand to manage and automate administrative tasks for each employee’s role. According to the press release, employees will be able to clock in and out while working onsite, as well as request holidays via mobile device. This streamlined process makes it easier for employees to stay connected with their work schedule, whether they are at the office or on the go.

Moreover, the organization will also be able to access the new HR system via a Line application, which is an app that frontline personnel are already familiar with from using it in their everyday life. This capability will be made possible by an enhanced Social Media Integration Service offered by SAP.

McGeown stated that PCS can free itself from the responsibility of managing infrastructure and scale up as needed with the help of cloud technologies. He noted that the company has a highly aggressive growth plan to raise the number of employees by 15 percent in 2022 and 15 percent in 2023. He remarked:

“Moving to the cloud gives us opportunities to scale without increasing cost in an exponential manner. We will know exactly how much it will cost us to increase our employee base while using SAP SuccessFactors.”

Honored to have been chosen as PCS Thailand’s in their HR modernization efforts, SAP Indochina Managing Director Atul Tuli is confident that the customer, with the use of cutting-edge intelligent HR solutions, will be able to better care for its employees, in keeping with the company’s core value.

“This core value of care translates into giving employees greater access to their own information, giving the HR team the ability to provide better support and guidance to front-line workers as well as an ability to have two-way communications with employees,” he concluded.

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