Seidor Named BASF ERP Deployment Project Partner

Seidor MENA Named BASF ERP Deployment Project Partner

Seidor, a multinational technology consulting firm, has received a 2019 SAP Pinnacle Award as the SAP ERP Partner of the year – Small and Midsize Companies. The award recognised the outstanding contributions of the company as an SAP partner.

Seidor, an SAP consulting partner and systems integrator, has been named to be the technology partner of BASF, a German chemical company and one of the leading global chemical producers, for the corporate-restructuring project of its construction chemicals business unit.

BASF has decided to push through with its restructuring project after SAP’s announcement that the support for SAP R/3 will only be until 2025. The global chemical company has been running SAP R/3 COBALT for the past 12 years and the deployment project is its means of futureproofing the system. BASF will separate the unit’s technology systems to prepare it to run independently, as a stand-alone entity. 

Specifically, Seidor MENA, Seidor’s Dubai-based entity, was selected by BASF stakeholders to be its partner not only for its outstanding technology credentials but also for its global reach. Seidor MENA is a leading multinational Spanish company and an SAP Platinum Partner providing services across 30 countries with over 35 years of industry experience in SAP services.

The deployment project covers 22 countries across the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and South America affecting 280 users and is anticipated to be completed within a tight time frame. 

Jose Vizoso Capiali, Regional IT Manager Middle East, West Asia, CIS, Africa at BASF shared the rationale behind choosing Seidor:

“It was vital for us to move our small and medium-sized operations within the construction chemicals division to a robust system that offers high flexibility.”

“The fact that Seidor MENA was also able to offer us technology advices and fast deployment, with the added benefit of having a global presence, were key deciding factors. We were very keen to adopt a solution that was easy to maintain. In the digital age, IT decision-makers are always looking for ways to reduce in-house workload, so the AWS cloud model suggested by Seidor MENA was a great match. And Seidor MENA’s own expertise in the domain of ERP in general, and SAP in particular, will also be invaluable to us throughout the business transformation project,” he added.

A Peek at the Project

As an initial step, Seidor MENA helped BASF classify countries by the size of operations. Then, Seidor MENA as an SAP partner advised the IT team of BASF on the best business application fit for the company’s transformation needs. The regional systems integrator also gave recommendations on the best implementation approach in transitioning from the legacy R/3 system that they’ve been using for over a decade. Consequently, BASF has selected to deploy a mixture of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business One ERP running on Amazon Web Services. 

Seidor MENA will manage the entire implementation for the 22 countries from its Dubai offices. Planned in phased rollouts throughout the year, the first implementation was last February. The consultancy firm will also support BASF in the change-management process. Seidor MENA is expected to help BASF’s new business unit transition from an enterprise system with a high degree of automation to a leaner solution built for small and medium enterprises.

Seidor MENA has designed a global template for the consolidation of business processes to be utilised by the BASF project team. To lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for BASF, a standardised implementation for subsequent waves will be made after findings from the initial rollouts are released. This template will be updated as needed over the course of three years.

To ensure successful implementation and boost users’ confidence in the new solution, Seidor MENA will engage heavily with end-users in the pilot countries the entire three years duration of the project. BASF’s partnership with Seidor MENA acting also as its consultant in business-process standardisation extends from supporting the ERP deployment up to exploring options in the procurement of other business applications and cloud services.

Ignacio Ruiz de Eguilaz, Managing Director at Seidor MENA stated that successful digital transformation is not just about technology migration. He stressed:

“At Seidor, we recognise that business transformation requires organisations to evolve and make changes to company culture. Our global reach and technology expertise now complement a deep, nuanced knowledge of business-process standardisation. BASF faced a daunting transformation challenge with their construction chemicals division, but recognised that Seidor was their ideal partner because we take a business-first approach to everything we do.”

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