SAP Business One Cloud Solution for B2B Wins CPM Global Implementation

SAP Business One Cloud Solution for B2B Wins CPM Global Implementation

FocusPoint, the first certified SAP Business One cloud solution for B2B and B2C eCommerce and marketing, is the flagship product of Focused Impressions, an SAP Silver Partner dedicated to serving the global SAP Business One community.

California Pellet Mill (CPM), a leading supplier of process equipment and systems serving commodity and value-adding producers with presence across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, has successfully implemented FocusPoint B2B eCommerce for SAP Business One. As a result, CPM subsidiaries can now optimise the single platform for full B2B eCommerce capabilities with deep and seamless integration to their SAP Business One ERP systems. 

Focused Impressions’ four-week project with CPM went live in March 2020 to support the latter’s continued growth by replacing its previous eCommerce platform in Europe. FocusPoint satisfied the essential requirement of CPM in adopting a new solution for global implementation and that is the capability for a seamless SAP Business One integration.  

Lonnie Williams, Global ERP Administrator at CPM said:

“We vetted a number of eCommerce platforms and FocusPoint was the only one that met our requirements – especially with regards to deep process integration with Business One.” 

“From blueprinting to global deployment in just four weeks – our FocusPoint project was an amazing experience that exceeded all of our expectations,” he added.

Williams also commended the delivery team of Iowa-headquartered Focused Impression. He stated:

“While FocusPoint’s tight integration with SAP Business One certainly makes for a speedy deployment, the Focused Impressions delivery team has an impressive degree of professionalism and Business One subsidiary expertise, which was a big plus that ensured our project’s success.” 

Craig Stockmal, Founder and CEO of Focused Impressions, shared that they are able to deliver the deepest, fastest, and lowest-cost integration with SAP Business One in the market because they utilise SAP integration tools to connect to SAP Business One. This ultimately cancels the need for third-party connectors or custom coding.

“Combine this with the FocusPoint non-proprietary, open architecture and full B2B eCommerce capabilities — we give SAP Business One customers and SAP Resellers a solution that fuels eCommerce transactions and sales while improving the ROI in SAP Business One. Given the times we are living in, the ability to jumpstart eCommerce businesses for SAP Business One users is a real game-changer,” Stockmal explained.

Taking CPM to the Cloud

The cloud-based version of FocusPoint deployed by CPM offers an unlimited number of mini-portals and customisable micro-sites accessible to B2B dealers, partners, and distributors from CPM’s corporate website. Almost instantly upon setting up, users can access these portals and microsites that offer a rich selection of design templates and pixel-perfect product customisers for a personalised and enhanced eCommerce experience.

With FocusPoint, SAP Business One users are able to optimise one platform with multi-channel capabilities, incorporating eCommerce, sales, marketing, and Point-of-Sale (POS) – all fully integrated with SAP Business One and SAP Business One 4/HANA. It enables CPM and its subsidiaries the complete B2B eCommerce life cycle whether on-premises or in the cloud. 

CPM can leverage the following capabilities of FocusPoint B2B eCommerce platform:

  • Supports 260 languages and multi-currency localisation
  • Real-time SAP Business One updates
  • 30 payment methods
  • Self-service portal for immediate invoicing and payment from Order History to Open Invoice to Payment by credit card
  • All versions of SAP Business One 9.1 and up including SQL
  • Fully integrated Point-of-Sale with SAP Business One (pricing, inventory, SKUs)
  • Bi-directional connectivity with SAP Business One mapping to any SAP or user-defined field
  • Inventory management capabilities, and credit card processing
  • Automated bulk order processing, localised sales tax, and shipping

Moreover, CPM can optimise FocusPoint’s B2B multi-channel marketing capabilities in cascading marketing communications through out its 26 locations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. FocusPoint, an SAP Business One cloud solution for B2B and B2C eCommerce and marketing, aggregates marketing content and vendors in a single place to streamline campaign execution across communication channels. In one platform, CPM can now conveniently deliver marketing communications, events, and social media campaigns via multimedia, digital, email, print, and podcasts channels.

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