SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo Catalyzes B2B Startup Growth


In a groundbreaking move poised to reshape the world of business-to-business (B2B) startups, SAP has launched a pivotal program at SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo. The tech giant seeks to foster a dynamic ecosystem of startups focused on creating intelligent, sustainable businesses by offering a variety of innovative solutions to their extensive customer network worldwide.

SAP.iO, SAP’s specialized business unit, has a primary goal: to facilitate collaboration with emerging, future-ready startups. This cooperation also extends to providing these startups with access to SAP’s innovative technology, mentorship, and expansive customer network. Over recent years, SAP.iO’s imprint on the Asia-Pacific and Japan has deepened, fostering an environment of tech-driven growth and innovation.

The unveiling of SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo marks SAP’s deepening commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial landscape within Asia, demonstrating a profound shift in enterprise management. Hirofumi Suzuki, SAP Japan’s President and Representative Director, stressed the importance of enterprises adapting to today’s swiftly evolving market environment.

“In the drastically changing market environment, SAP supports companies to become agile and intelligent sustainable enterprises that leverage the latest technology and allow employees to focus on higher value-added tasks and realize sustainable management. To realize this, we focus on expanding our important partner ecosystem including innovative startups. This program will encourage our customers to utilize a variety of new solutions or technologies with SAP systems brought by cutting-edge startups,” Suzuki further highlighted.

Fostering Future Innovation: SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo’s Startup Assemblage

To realize this ambitious vision, SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo has curated a group of five high-potential startups from diverse industries. Their mission is to revolutionize and integrate with solutions across the extensive SAP portfolio. These startups will also have the opportunity over the next four months to receive comprehensive mentorship from experienced SAP executives, immerse in SAP’s technology and APIs, and collaborate with SAP’s global customers.

The selected startups forming the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise cohort at SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo include:

  1. ALGO ARTIS: A technology startup specializing in developing AI-driven solutions to streamline intricate operational tasks. The ability to optimize complex operations in a single click, thanks to their AI solution, will also undoubtedly transform the way businesses approach task management.
  2. Inspiration Plus: A firm creating digital platforms aimed at improving disaster prevention efforts. Its advanced technology also empowers local governments and corporations with improved preparation and management tools for potential disasters, leading to robust business continuity plans.
  3. Milk.: This startup stands at the forefront of industrial inspection software solutions. It offers AI-empowered hyperspectral technology, transforming traditional manufacturing procedures for industrial customers, increasing both efficiency and quality assurance.
  4. primeNumber Inc.: This innovative startup is focused on enhancing the process of data utilization. By creating an environment conducive to quick and efficient data use, they streamline data-driven processes and boost productivity across a wide array of industries.
  5. SMITH&VISION: Utilizing image recognition technology, this startup has developed a system to automatically capture information from packages, paving the way for a more modern, efficient logistics industry.

SAP’s foray into Tokyo’s B2B startup scene through SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo is set to produce a wave of innovation. Additionally, It aims to mentor these startups into becoming intelligent, sustainable enterprises.

By integrating these forward-thinking startups into their vast customer base, SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo is all set to redefine the landscape of B2B operations in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Moreover, this pioneering initiative underpins SAP’s commitment to driving a new era of sustainable business growth and intelligent operations worldwide.

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