SAP Ariba Network Open Access Now Available to Indian MSMEs

SAP Ariba Network Open Access Now Available to Indian MSMEs

Through SAP India’s recently launched Global Bharat program, Indian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) now have open access SAP Ariba Discovery where any business can post sourcing needs and any of the four million suppliers on SAP Ariba Network can respond with their ability to deliver the goods and services. The program also includes open access to SAP India’s Code Unnati (a Golden Peacock Award-winning digital literacy initiative) and access to affordable and accessible enterprise technology with SAP’s Business One Starter Pack on the cloud.

The Global Bharat program aims to empower Indian MSMEs on their digital transformation journey by providing them access to innovative sourcing solutions, digital skilling for the workforce, and transforming business processes. The program is part of India’s Vision 2020, and was developed in association with NASSCOM Foundation, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Pratham InfoTech Foundation.

SAP India President & MD, Deb Deep Sengupta, describes the importance of this program in ensuring the country comes out of the crisis stronger than ever.

“The impact of pandemic on economy and businesses has been felt majorly by MSMEs across the country. Being a potential contributor to India’s GDP (29 per cent) and providing employment to over 111 million people, it is imperative to strengthen the sector for the revival of the country’s economy.”

SAP Ariba Network—Open to Everyone

Mid-March 2020, SAP announced that it was offering free access to SAP Ariba Discovery in response to COVID-19. The offer was originally meant to last only until the end of June. However, due to the overwhelming impact the initiative has on keeping supply chains intact as the crisis on COVID-19 persists, SAP decided to extend the free access to SAP Ariba Discovery to help connect buyers and suppliers on the SAP Ariba Network.

President of SAP Procurement Solutions, Chris Haydon, explains,

“COVID-19 disrupted global supply chains more significantly than most businesses have ever experienced. Companies realize now more than ever the power of procurement, digital networks, and the ability to find new sources of supply quickly. We are extending this offer to continue to accelerate connections between buyers and suppliers and to help ensure supply needs are fulfilled as quickly as possible during this challenging time.”

With the implementation of SAP India’s Global Bharat program, Indian MSMEs can enroll themselves as suppliers or buyers and access a global market in the SAP Ariba Network. For MSMEs, this free resource gives them the opportunity to build their sourcing networks to help their business thrive and grow.

SAP Ariba Discovery’s powerful matching algorithm matches buyers with qualified global suppliers. This not only helps MSMEs get the goods they need quickly at a lower cost, but it also improves visibility and control on spend, supplier qualifications, and product quality. Further, SAP Ariba Network adds significant value to MSMEs with a faster, more efficient sourcing discovery platform that allows businesses to maintain compliance in their sourcing process.

For MSMEs who do not have the resources to make procurement a mission-critical priority, being able to access these features with a proven solution can be the catalyst to get their companies to the next level of growth and business agility, especially in this volatile economic environment.

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