Enterprise Procurement with Premikati and SAP Ariba


For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), wise spending and procurement can mean the difference between failure and success. Many lack the systems and staff to make procurement a mission-critical priority. Premikati Inc. has a solution to their problem. Leveraging technology from SAP Ariba, Premikati has introduced the Premikati Marketplace, giving SMBs access to enterprise-class procurement as a service.

Increased Visibility on SMB Procurement

“Small and medium-sized businesses have long wanted to take advantage of enterprise-class procurement, but they haven’t had the means,” said Marisol Buczynski Buchanan, CEO of Premikati. “Using the Premikati Marketplace, they can access millions of vetted suppliers and enterprise-class procurement tools that provide greater visibility into their spend and procurement process from end to end – all at a cost they can afford.”

As an SAP Ariba partner, Premikati has created the marketplace specifically geared to SMBs in just six weeks, from delivery to cutover to production. It provides them with critical elements they need in driving a simple, efficient source-to-settle process that quickly delivers results. Their customers can manage spending, connect with suppliers, improve cash flow, and drive compliance – all without adding complexity.

Why Premikati and SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is how companies connect to get business done. On the Ariba Network, buyers and suppliers from more than 3.6 million companies and 190 countries discover new opportunities, collaborate on transactions and grow their relationships. Buyers can manage the entire purchasing process, while controlling spending, finding new sources of savings and building a healthy supply chain. And suppliers can connect with profitable customers and efficiently scale existing relationships – simplifying sales cycles and improving cash control along the way. The result is a dynamic, digital marketplace, where over $2.28 trillion in commerce gets done every year.

“The Sanders Group has been transacting over the Ariba Network for many years as a media technology and communications supplier to some of the largest companies in the United States,” said Mike Sanders, president of The Sanders Group. “With the Premikati Marketplace, we can now use the same SAP Ariba solution to purchase products and services we need to run our business. Premikati was able to get our team enabled and completing transactions within one hour of receiving our information.”

“The Premikati Marketplace illustrates how the power of SAP Ariba solutions can benefit companies of all sizes,” said Will Caseber, vice president, Global BPO Channel, SAP Ariba. “With minimal investment, Premikati customers can get up and running quickly, and take advantage of enterprise-class technology and services that propel their businesses to the next level.”

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