SAP Solution Extension Partner Syniti Expands in Japan

SAP Solution Extension Partner Syniti Expands in Japan

SAP Solution Extension Partner Syniti opens this July with several strategic business moves such as its expansion in Japan, the union of its Europe and Africa operations with its Middle East division, and its Syniti Advanced Data Migration app for SAP Ariba solutions now available on SAP App Center.

Following a major rebranding and transformation in 2019, Syniti, formerly established as BackOffice Associates, has officially announced that it will open its first office in Tokyo, Japan under the stewardship of Koji Takahashi, Syniti’s Head of Sales in Japan. The data solution provider has been in the Asia market for almost a decade and has seen a 15X revenue growth with strong profit margins.

Gordon Lam, Syniti President APJ, said:

“We are continuing to see a call for best-in-class knowledge, expertise, and resilient data solutions from Asia-based customers in all key industries.” 

“With the current environment, customers are focus on getting more value from data and finding a data platform to help them accelerate business insights. We are happy to extend our commitment to serve our customers with a proven team of experts, data-centric solutions combined with over 20 years of deep data transformation experience to meet their growing needs,” he added.

A Global Go-To-Market Strategy

The organisation’s global go-to-market strategy such as the expansion to Japan and fusion of the EMEA markets intends to expand the company’s presence in key markets, accelerate innovation, and drive digital transformation. As an SAP Solution Extension Partner, this development aligns with Syniti’s delivery model and territorial coverage with SAP as well as key strategic partners within APJ and EMEA.

Kevin Campbell, the Syniti CEO, shared:

“In the post-pandemic era, we expect to see increased activities in key business initiatives such as Mergers, Acquisition, and Divestitures, where data plays a critical role for success.” 

“Today’s announcement is a stake in the ground that confirms our commitment to helping customers around the globe prepare for these types of seen and even unforeseen changes and innovative moves,” the CEO stressed.

For over 20 years, Syniti has become a leader in enterprise data management solving global enterprises’ most complex data challenges by combining data expertise, intelligent software, and packaged solution accelerators to yield certain and superior business outcomes. Syniti software applies automation and guidance infused by AI and machine learning technologies to data migration, data quality, analytics, master data management, metadata management, and information governance initiatives.

The SAP-Syniti Partnership

SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, one of Syniti’s innovative products specifically tailored to deliver excellent SAP experience to customers, has shown significant business results stated in the recently released IDC White Paper “The Business Value of SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti”. The white paper sponsored by Syniti and SAP revealed that:

  • A 303 percent three-year return on investment with an average eight-month payback on investment
  • 46 percent faster completion of data migration projects
  • 96 percent reduction of unplanned downtime

Taking Syniti’s partnership with SAP to the next level, the Syniti Advanced Data Migration app for SAP Ariba solutions is now made available on SAP App Center for customers around the world to access. The app offers a flexible, knowledge-infused solution that can pull structured and unstructured data from any originating source, clean the data based on reusage business rules, and load and harmonise the data for implementations of SAP Ariba solutions.

 “We live in exceptional times in which data management is just as critical as the delivery of tangible goods,” said Kevin Campbell, Syniti CEO. 

“With Syniti’s knowledge-driven, cloud-based Syniti Advanced Data Migration app for SAP Ariba solutions, enterprises can use and reuse knowledge stored within data to address unique demands and to make quick, accurate and insightful decisions to drastically improve business continuity. Based on results of past migrations of other SAP systems, the Syniti solution is expected to help businesses reduce implementation costs by up to 40 percent versus traditional approaches and achieve 67 percent projected efficiency gain,” he detailed.

Boston-headquartered Syniti has over 900 data specialists in 25 offices worldwide.

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