Newest SAP customer experience software now in SAP Japan


SAP joins Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Twilio in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space with the release of SAP Customer Data Platform, now available at SAP Japan. The next-generation customer experience software was previously announced globally at the SAP Customer Experience LIVE virtual event. 

With SAP Customer Data Platform, the business solutions provider aims to redefine the customer experience across every engagement—from commerce and marketing to sales and service by helping companies:

  • enable customer-centric business models
  • engage customers on their preferred terms and channels
  • gain the flexibility and agility necessary to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of data and deliver market-differentiating customer experiences at scale

The solution further aims to address emerging customer data challenges, namely:

  • unifying customer data from multiple applications and databases
  • the evolving data privacy climate
  • an inability to manage data volume

SAP Customer Experience President Bob Stutz notes:

“Although CDP products have always been on the market, SAP Customer Data Platform opens up new possibilities for CDP. SAP Customer Data Platform is one of the most advanced enterprise-grade CDPs. By integrating office, back-office, and experience data to deliver a truly personalized experience on the channels your customers want, you can grow anonymous users into known customers and increase their loyalty as only SAP can.”

A Distinct Set of Features for an Enhanced Customer Experience 

According to SAP executives, what makes its newest customer experience software solution different from other CDPs is its data governance capabilities. To ensure a secure and compliant digital customer profile, SAP Customer Data Platform leverages SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management solutions.

Moreover, SAP Customer Data Platform is built on top of SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions, which are powered by technology from Gigya, an identity management platform acquired by SAP in 2017.

According to the German multinational, SAP Customer Data Platform “serves as the connective tissue of the real-time profile, powering a customer insight foundation to deliver relevant conversation whenever the customer wants to engage with the brand.”

Stutz explains that the new customer experience software will enable users to provide hyper-personalized engagements based on a comprehensive view of the customer:

“Most CDPs are really geared toward marketing. Ours can do marketing scenarios, but more importantly, it can handle scenarios from commerce, it can tie the back-end into the front.”

Additionally, SAP Customer Data Platform can be integrated with third-party technology providers, according to Thomas Saueressig, Executive Board member and head of SAP Product Engineering.

Other highlights of the customer experience solution include:

  • Provides holistic views of the customer through its ability to connect back-office data to the front office with the SAP Cloud Platform Master Data Integration service.
  • Data privacy and governance capabilities for all regions.
  • Dynamic data activation through the solution’s ability to calculate segmentation and activity indicators in real-time.

About SAP Japan

SAP Japan was established in 1992 as a Japanese corporation of SAP SE. 

SAP SE is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best: 77{aa282f308afcc222aaa21b0478c79e01a8fedd01972e2180867097bd93930f22} of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. SAP has 440,000 in over 180 countries and has over 21,000 partners globally.

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