Kobelco Systems Corporation Advances Contingent Workforce Management

Kobelco Systems Corporation Advances Contingent Workforce Management

Contingent workforce management has been gaining more popularity in recent years as the contingent workers takes 42% of an enterprise’s workforce spending vis-à-vis the 58% spending on its internal employees.

Japanese IT services provider Kobelco Systems Corporation lives by its mission of responding to its customers’ diverse needs. Being known in the industry as an expert in constructing IT systems and a reliable provider of integrated and comprehensive end-to-end solutions, the surge of projects is predictable. With a growing customer base and increasing requests for IT systems projects, Kobelco Systems has been faced with the challenge to keep up with the demand due to the shortage of highly-skilled personnel in the company to carry out the projects. 

Kobelco Systems tapped SAP Fieldglass to deliver solutions that would transform the company’s contingent workforce management. The company has been relying on the external workforce including independent contractors and services providers like IT outsourcers to ensure optimal customer deliverables. 

The personnel shortage caused by the rising severity of contract terms with the company’s supplier partners and the competition for a highly-skilled IT workforce were some of the challenges that Kobelco Systems had to bring forward to SAP Fieldglass. The company has acknowledged the need to forge ahead and address these concerns to be able to increase productivity and reduce risks.

With SAP Fieldglass solutions, Kobelco Systems was able to fulfill its need for visibility into all external workers and enabled active management of this key workforce segment. In late 2019, the solutions were officially deployed to streamline the enterprise’s external workforce management.

Moving forward with SAP Fieldglass as a partner, Kobelco Systems intends to do the following:

  • Standardise processes for increased efficiency in sourcing, managing and paying external workers as well as stronger compliance to regulations
  • Have clear and credible insight into various data points, including occupational categories, departments, costs, project durations, contract terms and performance evaluations for better decision-making and workforce planning
  • Grow an external talent pool of IT project personnel who can be matched to future work assignments with greater efficiency based on skills, cost, and quality of past projects.

Kobelco Systems’ corporate vision is “to share with customers’ vision,” and “to contribute always from IT infrastructure planning, design, and development of business applications including ERP to operation and maintenance.” With customers as the top of mind, Kobelco Systems is committed to helping other SAP Fieldglass customers with their implementation projects after the solutions’ successful rollout.

About Kobelco Systems Corporation

As an innovative company, Kobelco Systems received the SAP Award of Excellence 2020 – Project Award at the 2020 SAP Partner Summit Day convention for SAP partners of SAP Japan. The award was given after the successful implementation of the “Audio Technica Co., Ltd.: Next Core System Introduction Project”, the first SAP S/4HANA on Azure implementation project in Japan.

Kobelco Systems’ mission is to respond to its customers’ diverse needs, through the synergy between Kobe Steel and IBM. The company inherited its “dedication to ‘monozukuri’ (a Japanese approach to manufacturing) and good quality” from the 100-year old manufacturing company Kobe Steel. The Kobelco Systems’ inherited the “first-class IT know-how and processes” from IBM, a world-class leader in the information service industry. 

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