SAP FieldGlass Delivers Transparency and Flexibility to MUFG Union Bank

Mitsubishi MUFG Union Bank and SAP FieldGlass

The objective for MUFG Union Bank is to have a single system of record for all non-employees who have system, badge or network access.

Mitsubishi’s MUFG Union Bank is beginning to implement Worker Profile, providing them with visibility into resources doing work under a Statement of Work

SAP FieldGlass Deployed to Improve External Workforce

Banking, a traditionally ultra-conservative industry, is embracing new technologies to help it take profits and customer experience to new levels. In the US, MUFG Union Bank, part of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), has been working with SAP Fieldglass to improve its external workforce management, attracted by the platform’s proven capabilities in financial services and track record for providing excellent user experiences.

The initial relationship began in 2010 when the bank selected SAP Fieldglass to help them get a better handle on their contingent labour, which includes business resources such as accountants, auditors, business analysts and consultants as well as IT resources.

In 2014, an affiliate bank heard positive feedback about the SAP Fieldglass program and decided to implement an external talent management program as well. The SAP team worked with the new bank for six months to set up their program and later that year the banks were integrated, although maintaining different financial systems and some processes, such as onboarding.

SAP Fieldglass benefits include both transparency and flexibility. Business unit CFOs depend on the platform’s reporting for their forecasting with executives. As external labour metrics are key to the business, reports are provided to the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis.

Business groups each manage differently and they have been able to tailor the platform to meet their specific needs. “The advantage to working with SAP Fieldglass is the flexibility. We have had to ask for a lot of things to meet our needs, and the account support has been fantastic. We really feel that Fieldglass puts customers first. It’s been a great experience,” said Sandra Buhler, director, Contingent Workforce Management, MUFG Union Bank.

In addition to account support excellence, the bank is discovering how efficiently integrations can occur with SAP Fieldglass. Current integrations with HR and finance systems went smoothly and as planned. The integration also supports mandatory compliance training requirements for all contingent workers that have access to bank systems.

“We have had ongoing positive feedback internally about the SAP Fieldglass platform. We have a solution that will carry us into the future and support our global needs as we evolve,” said Buhler.

That future is starting now, with the bank beginning to implement Worker Profile, to provide them with visibility into resources doing work under a Statement of Work. The objective is to have a single system of record for all non-employees who have system, badge or network access. Next, MUFG Union Bank plans to work with SAP Fieldglass to automate the onboarding and offboarding processes for contingent workers, explore the services procurement solution to actively manage that spend, and expand their program globally.

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