Grab, Gojek Step Up Amid Crisis with SAP Concur and Qualtrics XM

Grab, GOJEK Leverage SAP Concur Expense & Qualtrics XM Solutions In Employee Experience Management

Top ride-hailing and mobile service providers Grab and Gojek successfully navigate new pressures brought on by the COVID-19 crisis by transforming their employee experience management with support from SAP Concur Expense and Qualtrics CoreXM solutions. 

Many industries have been hit hard by the pandemic and have not been able to find their footing—waiting for the opportunity to resume operations and return to normal. But the reality is that normalcy will not be the same even as restrictions are lifted. Demand, consumer behavior and confidence are already significantly changed. Many consumers are still wary of venturing too far from home, and economies are increasingly dependant on mobile services to accommodate a new socially distanced society.

As the top mobile service providers in Southeast Asia, Grab and Gojek are both at an advantage in this new pandemic economy. In Singapore, both companies were tapped by government authorities to provide support to help reduce the transmission of the virus.  

Moreover, both Grab and Gojek turned their strategies to focus on supporting employees and improving experience management tactics to ensure business continuity despite the crisis and turmoil. Grab’s partnership with SAP Concur Expense and Gojek’s partnership with Qualtrics CoreXM have allowed both companies to play key roles in moving people seamlessly and meeting new consumer demands and needs.

Grab + SAP Concur Expense Solutions

Grab’s platform includes mobile service options for convenience, safety, and reliability. The company employs 2000 internal employees and more than a million drivers on its network. It currently offers services in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

To help employees and drivers focus on providing exceptional services and drive the Grab business forward, the tech company had to enhance employee experience by automating its expense management system. Previously, the process was very complicated: drivers had to collect receipts every end of the month and track and input those receipts manually. Additionally, its finance team was burdened with tedious administrative processes in managing expenses and reimbursements. To resolve this, Grab turned to SAP Concur Expense solutions.

The choice to partner with SAP Concur was made because Grab wanted a partner that was very similar to its innovative thinking and cloud-focused strategy. Additionally, with SAP, many pain points were minimized in terms of system maintenance and implementation, and the company was able to automate a lot of processes.

Grab’s IT team collaborated with Concur services and was able to finish integrations within 3 months. SAP Concur provided complete knowledge transfer and comprehensive documentation so that Grab drivers could get started on the service quickly. With the integrations in place, the company’s finance team can ensure that reimbursements are made consistently and promptly.

According to Alex Tran, Head of Marketing and Operations for Grab, using Concur applications has been a delightful experience for employees: drivers can easily implement receipts onto the software, while the finance team have significantly reduced the hours required to handle the entire expense management process end-to-end.

With SAP Concur Expense soltuions, Grab was able to enhance employee experience management and provide relevant support to employees. This resulted in increased productivity, lowered costs, and overall improved business operations that allowed the company to thrive amidst the pandemic.

Gojek + Qualtrics XM

Gojek first started as a motorcycle ride-hailing call center in Indonesia, but has now evolved into a leading tech company providing multi-services platform with more than 20 services for millions of users across Southeast Asia. It operates in 204 cities across the region and currently has around 5,000 employees across Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

To scale and support the company’s rapid growth in the region, Gojek partnered with SAP-acquired Qualtrics and selected EmployeeXM and ResearchCore solutions to further understand its customers and employees—a key factor in the company’s ambitions to expand operations and reinforce competitive advantage.

With the Qualtrics XM solutions, Gojek was able to turn real-time insights into actions to provide the necessary support needed by employees during these uncertain times.

Gojek’s co-CEO Andre Soelistyo said that the company’s priority during the pandemic is to ensure customer satisfaction and help employees effectively navigate through the crisis. 

The company implemented several noteworthy measures to support its drivers:

  • loan payment relief on motorcycle and car credits 
  • low-interest loan program
  • income assistance for driver partners undergoing quarantine and diagnosed with COVID-19
  • increased rebates ranging from 60% to 100% for commission fees
  • $30,000 in FairPrice Online e-vouchers to help with living expenses of eligible drivers
  • access to medical masks, hand sanitizer, and vehicle disinfectant through the Gojek Safety Center
  • providing educational content on health protocols in drivers’ in-app notifications
  • distribution of affordable meals

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