Fujitsu Limited Launches App on SAP Cloud Platform

Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Limited is a Japanese company that specialises in information and communication technology (ICT). They offer a full range of technology products, solutions, and services. A few years ago, SAP and Fujitsu collaborated to drive connected manufacturing. Now, the Japanese tech company announced that it had launched a new solution on the SAP Cloud Platform.

Asia One reported via ACN Newswire that Fujitsu Limited announced the launch of the “Fujitsu Application for ETO(1) on SAP Cloud Platform” on December 6. The Fujitsu Application is an SAP solution that supports mass customisation in engineer-to-order production. The launch is expected to benefit manufacturers who receive orders for individual specification products. Some advantages include the improvement of the efficiency of operations, which involves the arrangement of materials after receipt of orders, issuance of production orders, and specification estimates.

Development Background

Prior to the development, BOM(2) information that is required for manufacturing needs to be entered into the system in advance. This is used as the master information to quote, give instructions, and order materials. Product manufacturers are often facing challenges with this process because each product will have individual specifications. Also, the number of master registrations for product configurations ranges from hundreds to thousands a month.

This led to problems such as delays, inconsistent specification combinations, and challenges in communication. It has also impacted manufacturing sites negatively because workers need to accurately reflect the changes in bills in the system for each business.

Features of the Fujitsu Limited application

Fujitsu introduced a new solution using the SAP Cloud Platform that offers certain functionalities that will help improve on-site system usability by leveraging the standard function of SAP S/4 HANA on the SAP Cloud Platform. By using the SAP Cloud Platform development method, this minimises the impact caused by upgrades to SAP S/4 HANA.

One of the features offered by the solution is reduced lead time while ensuring prompt sharing of information regarding specification changes and accelerating the communication across departments such as design, manufacturing, and sales.

Another feature is that it minimizes operations by utilising a navigator consolidating essential business information on a single screen. The navigator shows order information for individual product configurations, which contains details like procured materials and instructions to factories. This makes it possible to check comprehensive information and to register business information as quickly as possible.

The new solution also lessens the burden and reduces the cycle for work estimates and arrangements by using a configurator. The configurator determines the consistency of specification combinations during the sales process. This helps realise the individual specification estimation in the sales process; however, it can be a time-consuming process. Fujitsu’s new solution can reduce the staff-hours required for communication with the design department. It is also expected to improve operations by utilising excel tools during the master registration and maintenance process.

Plans and application launches

Meanwhile, Fujitsu Limited said that it would continue to provide the manufacturing industry with solutions that will support the customers’ digital manufacturing business on a global scale. The application will be available starting December 23, 2019. The solution will be launched in countries such as China, Germany, and the U.S. by March 2020.

SAP and Fujitsu had established a global partnership since 1999 when they became the first global Technology Partner for the German software company. To date, the two companies have more than four decades of cooperation. Fujitsu is responsible for more than 2,500 SAP systems, and 330,000+ licences. They also have more than 25 S/4 HANA systems with extensive experience in the use of the platform.

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