Raymond Group Goes Digital with SAP, PwC

Raymond Group

When it comes to adapting to changes in technology, India does not fall short in exerting efforts to keep up with he rest of the world. India is showing off prowess in both startups that nurture tech in the country and embracing developments in technology. Also, more companies are also starting to pay attention to the digital aspects of their business.

Raymond Group is a textile business in India with a well-known reputation in fashion. It was established in 1925 and owns multiple apparel brands such as Park Avenue, Park Avenue Woman ColorPlus &Parx, Raymond, and Raymond Premium Apparel. With decades of experience in the business, the company is finally taking the initiative to make an effort to transform some of its operations as it enters the digital era.

Infotechlead reports that the company is now taking on a digital transformation with SAP for its Raymond Reimagined 3.0 – a programme which aims to build a foundation for its accelerated business growth and innovation. It is revealed that it has chosen PwC.

In the past few months, Raymond Group has been very open about their plans to evolve from a clothing company to a lifestyle experience company with newly grown ups as its primary target market.

The textile partnered with Accenture, Microsoft, PwC, and SAP for the venture and has chosen to work with SAP S/4 HANA Fashion as its core enterprise solution for the entire value chain. Its coverage includes manufacturing of fabric and garments as well as retail operations.

Company officials said that by utilising the SAP platform, Raymond Group could be able to address challenges in the market, grab upcoming opportunities, reimagine the business model and build engagement with customers in the most competitive experience.

Sanjay Behl, CEO, Lifestyle for Raymond Group, said that the company invested in many future-ready technologies and other cutting-edge IT platforms such as SAP S/4 HANA Fashion.

Behl added that the SAP platform offered a robust IT foundation. This allowed the company to obtain real-time quality data and analytics, which will help them become an agile, highly responsive, and nimble organisation.

Behl also said that the platform also provided a robust IT foundation that enables real-time quality data and analytics across the business value chain which helps them become an agile, nimble, and highly responsive organisation.

Pravin Pachagnula, the regional director for SAP India, shared that India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for consumers, especially for those who understand and prefer a digital experience. He also shared that Raymond is a company that trysts technology to play a crucial role in their strategies for digital transformation.

As for PwC, they collaborated with S/4 HANA to deliver professional services and implementation support. PwC is a recognised leader in SAP implementations. They have received SAP Pinnacle Awards for SAP SuccessFactors Partner of the Year, Large Enterprise category and Public Cloud for SAP S/4HANA Partner of the Year category.

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