SAP PEO Synergizes with Skillnote to Revolutionize Manufacturing


SAP Japan Co., Ltd. and Skillnote Co., Ltd. have joined forces to incorporate the ‘Skillnote’ system into the SAP Professional Employer Organization (SAP PEO), marking the first-of-its-kind SAP Industry Cloud solution aimed at the manufacturing sector in Japan.

SAP Japan and Skillnote’s collaboration began when Skillnote gained recognition as an SAP PartnerEdge Silver partner in May 2020, post its involvement in SAP Japan’s acceleration program, “SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo”. The partnership between the two companies has only grown stronger with Skillnote’s recent inclusion in the SAP Industry Cloud Solutions. This collaborative venture, primarily focusing on enabling digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, is expected to fuel business growth worldwide. (InsideSAP Asia often references articles from websites in other languages to bring you as much information as possible.)

SAP is committed to fostering cost-efficient transformations and sustainable growth. In collaboration with its partners, SAP creates Industry Cloud solutions—specialized applications designed on an open platform, the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), to cater to industry-specific needs. These solutions amplify investment value by seamlessly merging with existing systems.

Kishie Hattori, Chief Partner Officer at SAP Japan Co., Ltd., expressed a warm welcome for Skillnote’s solution, which was certified as Japan’s first SAP industry cloud solution for the manufacturing industry. He asserted that the skill data of human resources in the manufacturing industry is crucial not only for improving customer productivity and promoting sustainable business in Japan, but it is equally in demand by customers across the globe.

“By linking Skillnote with SAP PEO and SAP SuccessFactors, it will be possible to further accelerate DX in the manufacturing industry. Going forward, SAP will continue to support our customers’ digital transformation through strong collaboration with Skillnote,” Hattori remarked.

Meanwhile, Skillnote paves the way for centralized management, linking employees’ skill data with their educational and qualification records. The result is a system capable of shaping bespoke organizational HR strategies and training programs while also ensuring efficient tracking of progress.

Takashi Yamakawa, Representative Director of Skillnote Inc., acknowledged the inclusion of Skillnote in the SAP Industry Cloud solution as a significant opportunity for expansion. Yamakawa underscored the importance of human resource skill data in the design and manufacturing process, affirming Skillnote’s commitment to supporting manufacturing companies worldwide through its partnership with SAP.

Bridging SAP PEO with Skillnote

With the integration of Skillnote into the SAP Industry Cloud Solution, a critical advancement has been achieved—the system can now interface with the SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing for Production Engineering and Operations (SAP PEO). SAP PEO, an ERP designed for the manufacturing industry, expertly handles the management of information from design to manufacturing.

The synergy between Skillnote and SAP PEO brings numerous advantages to the table. It prevents work allocation to unqualified personnel, ensuring both quality and safety. It also enhances traceability and facilitates proficiency judgments based on work hours, resulting in improved evaluation accuracy, streamlined evaluation management tasks, and effective employee placement and training.

Both SAP Japan and Skillnote are committed to further enhancing their collaboration. Their focus is not just limited to strengthening the bond between SAP PEO and Skillnote, but also extending to other SAP manufacturing industry solutions. The partners aim to optimize human resource utilization, drive innovation in design and manufacturing processes, and establish the SAP Industry Cloud as the go-to solution for user companies.

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