Digital Learning Solutions from SAP to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Digital Learning Solutions from SAP to Accelerate Digital Transformation

SAP unveils enhanced digital learning solutions with the updated SAP Training and Adoption portfolio and open access to SAP India’s Code Unnati. The announcements aim to meet the increased demand for a more robust digital learning experience, driven by the new direction of the future of work post-COVID-19 and accelerated digital transformations across industries in response to the pandemic.

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the uncertainties and turmoil, positive changes have also occurred. These include the rapid increase in digital technology adoption and the emergence of opportunities for employees to upskill and reskill. Business processes are improving in unprecedented ways as leaders strategize and step up in response to business disruptions.

In an effort to help organizations meet the new challenges brought on by these changes, SAP announced a new and improved SAP Training and Training Adoption portfolio of online courses and training. The enhanced platform will equip SAP customers, partners and their users with the right knowledge and skills to successfully implement and use SAP products and services, and ultimately achieve their digital transformation goals.

Last month, SAP India also unveiled its Global Bharat program, designed to enable Indian MSMEs become globally competitive by equipping them with digital technologies. The program includes providing open access to SAP India’s Code Unnati, a coveted Golden Peacock Award-winning digital skilling initiative.

These digital learning solutions aim to help employees adapt to new working environments and enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition by creating a culture of continuous learning that keeps pace with technological advances.

Digital Learning Solutions for a More Agile Workforce

SAP Training and Adoption

SAP’s portfolio of online courses and training is designed to facilitate software adoption and use of SAP technology. It covers a full range of SAP products, solutions, and technologies that intends to accelerate productivity and performance with customized training direct from SAP product experts—all while providing employees with the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Eva Zauke, SAP SE Chief Knowledge Officer, said,

“Since each of today’s and tomorrows’ trainees learns differently, and because learning topics and technologies will continue to grow and evolve, SAP Training and Adoption is focused on helping customers and partners not only learn about latest innovations but also apply new skills – adopt them into the way they work – so that they are best prepared for their future success.”

The learner-centered and customized courses enable greater personal success for employees through skills development and promote future business innovations. Expert-led training is delivered through live and interactive classroom instruction in virtual, on-site or hybrid environments, and include intuitive learning simulations. The platform also offers the opportunity for certification—a widely recognized accreditation of excellence for SAP professionals.

Some SAP customers and partners who found success using the SAP Training and Adoption portfolio include:

  • Dimension Data, a company specializing in information technology services based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company was able to efficiently create and deploy training materials for over 28,000 employees in 46 countries.
  • Global Pinnacle Award Winning SAP Platinum Partner, itelligence, introduced SAP Enable Now to allow consultants to complete training courses at their own pace without having to travel to a training center.
  • ROFF, a leading SAP Partner based in Portugal implemented SAP Learning Hub to minimize training costs while ensuring that consultants are up to date on changing requirements and empowered to maximize their SAP software skills.

SAP India’s Code Unnati

In India, MSMEs will have access to Code Unnati’s 240 courses on Digital Financial, Soft Skills, Productivity Technologies that will digitally skill the workforce and adapt to the new working environments. The curated courses are available through a mobile application for people to access via their android smartphone devices.

Code Unnati was launched in June 2017. Aimed at fostering digital inclusion in India, this collaborative effort between SAP, Corporate CSRs and Non-profit organizations has already trained over 1 million youth with the help of 1500 physical training centers across the country.

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