SAP Endorsed Apps: Solutions for Customer Experience

SAP Endorsed Apps: Solutions for Customer Experience

SAP announced during the virtually-held SAP Global Partner Summit 2020 several significant enhancements, new programs and initiatives to reinstate the multinational company’s commitment to SAP Partners’ success. One of these noteworthy initiatives is the brand new premium SAP certification conducted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) for SAP partner apps to become an SAP Endorsed App.

The SAP Endorsed App initiative is an invite-only program that consists of three specified tests:

  • integration certification tests
  • cloud quality check
  • static security code scan

SAP ICC analyzes the application code and makes tailored recommendations to further enhance and optimize the partner solution. Solutions that achieve the SAP Endorsed App certification gain a competitive edge that denotes a value-added functionality, a smooth integration, and a secure investment for SAP customers.

Currently, there are nine SAP Endorsed Apps available on the SAP App Center. These applications focus on providing innovative business solutions for improving customer and employee experience—factors that are increasingly becoming more relevant in today’s uncertain economic climate. With business operations disrupted, social norms and customer behavior rapidly changing, organizations need to fast-track their digital transformation to better meet demands and stay relevant.

This first part of our SAP Endorsed Apps feature series discusses the solutions made for customer experience management.

Mediafly Sales Enablement & Content Management Platform

This sales enablement software works with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud. The solution allows businesses to deliver dynamic and highly-valuable sales interactions even when there is no Wi-Fi. It features a multi-faceted Evolved Selling™ toolset that helps businesses present content and materials for any product more effectively, market more efficiently, and measure impact, before, during and after every sales meeting.

The Evolved Selling™ toolset provides dynamic content control and access, making a company’s marketing content and sales materials easier to find, send, assemble and track which increases alignment, efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing processes. Storytelling and creating an interactive customer experience is achieved through customized presentations based on a potential customer’s interests. To support the sales process and empower the sales team, useful insights and data are delivered—saving a company time spent in meeting preparations and allowing for quicker sales closing times.

Optimized Dynamic Pricing

This tailored SaaS solution integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud and enables SAP customers to quickly and confidently respond to rapidly changing market conditions, especially now with the economy highly-impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The SAP-endorsed app from Price f(x) offers the following features for businesses to achieve and maintain pricing excellence, improve customer and product segmentation, increase customer demand, and optimize cash flow:

  • utilizes machine learning technology to calculate prices in real-time 
  • powerful analytic capabilities to regularly monitor price changes, market reactions, and revenue, margin, and volume improvements
  • works with multiple backend systems, terabytes of data, millions of transactions and historical price points 

MyWave.AI Intelligent Personalization Platform

The intelligent customer relations management (CRM) platform allows businesses to gain a personal relationship with each individual customer at scale through the use of artificial intelligence, personal data and proactive automation. The solution leverages investments made on operational data and experience data to deliver better and improved sales outcomes. Features and benefits include:

  • Intelligent Personalization for every customer, resulting in increased business revenue and net promoter score (NPS)
  • delivers Precision Offers based on customer preferences, intents and transactions history 
  • equips customer service agents with highly-personalized information on each individual customer, enabling them to improve the customer experience journey

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