SAP Revamps its Business Technology Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud


SAP continues its mission of empowering the intelligent enterprise by providing high-value products and services that help customers across all industries overcome obstacles stemming from IT challenges and business volatility with the revamped Business Technology Platform for better SAP analytics and cloud technology.

During the virtually-held SAPPHIRE NOW Converge conference, SAP announced several noteworthy additions and enhancements to the major components of its Business Technology Platform, a portfolio of integrated, end-to-end services and tools:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud 
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite
  • SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite

The improvements focus on real-time data management, data analytics, workflow management capabilities, simplified pricing model, and streamlined experience and product integrations.

Data Analytics and Cloud Platform for the Intelligent Enterprise

Staying relevant in today’s uncertain economy is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digitalization as a necessity in business survival. In order to better respond to rapid market changes and customer needs and behaviors, companies must learn how to turn actionable data into valuable business outcomes.

Turning data into business outcomes effectively comes with challenges though:

  • The high-volume of information from diverse sources can cause resources to be mismanaged and impair analysis.
  • Proper implementation of intelligent technologies to identify risks and predict outcomes also presents difficulties.
  • The ability to quickly adapt business processes to the rapidly changing market.

The answer to these challenges lies in transforming into an agile, intelligent enterprise—one that can connect business processes with customer experiences and analyze those connections for deep insights, in real-time. With SAP’s Business Technology Platform’s improved analytics and cloud technology, organizations will be better at making business decisions that bring the highest-value and outcomes for the business.

SAP’s Business Technology Platform

The open platform from SAP is both on-premise and cloud-native and is a key component of the solutions provider’s “Intelligent Enterprise” initiative. It unifies data management, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and application development technologies to equip businesses with continuous innovation.

The latest enhancements to its SAP’s Business Technology Platform allow for real-time data management, quick and easy integration of enterprise applications across any IT landscape, better planning and decision-making, and continuous innovation.


SAP plans to deliver the latest version, SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05 by the end of June. The SAP HANA Cloud is a data management and analytics foundation for innovative solutions such as SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The new improvements will bring a simplified data management and a 679 percent average five-year return on investment through the enhanced SAP HANA native storage extension.

SAP HANA Cloud can now be accessed on Amazon Web Services, in addition to Microsoft Azure. This provides greater flexibility and choice to customers moving to the cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud

More products are now tightly integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud, including SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and the newly released SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform. Additional features such as planning and predictive functionalities have also been added for faster and more robust planning.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud now includes a more diverse lineup of prebuilt business content packages to provide quick access to data insights. Hundreds of SAP partners are also expected to provide more content and data connectors for the data warehouse software on the SAP App Center.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

SAP provides a simplified pricing for the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, allowing customers to sign up once to use all capabilities rather than having to license multiple services which offers more flexibility for customers.

SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite

Customers can now quickly adapt and extend their business processes on in real time, manage workflows on live running processes without help from an IT department. This allows them to successfully and efficiently meet changing demands as well as lower implementation costs.

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