Tech Startups From India Join SAP.iO’s Future of Shopping Cohort 


Tech startups from India including Discover Dollar, Entropik, and Sales Assist comprise the latest SAP.iO Foundry Bangalore cohort.

14 innovative B2B tech startups have been selected to participate in SAP.iO Bangalore’s accelerator program centered on delivering enhanced shopping experiences to digital shoppers. Anchored on the Future of Shopping theme, the chosen Indian companies will have the chance to develop and scale their platforms leveraging SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs). In addition, the cohort will be guided by SAP executives and leading industry experts through curated mentorship and collaborate with SAP customers.

Ritu Ranade, Vice President for Consumer Products & Life Sciences Industry at SAP Indian Subcontinent, explained today’s growing need for large consumer brands to build loyalty and get closer to customers and deliver a personalized shopping experience. 

“Within the next 13 weeks, the SAP.iO program offers these select startups the opportunity to start integrating their solutions with relevant SAP products. The goal is to make these solutions available on SAP Store and address our customer’s innovation needs,” Ranade detailed.

The Chosen Tech Startups From India

Founded in 2017, SAP.iO is the German software giant SAP’s initiative focused on enabling early-stage B2B startups to scale their innovation with SAP applications and, accordingly, accelerate SAP customers’ digital transformation. To date, there are over 400 external startups and internal ventures that have been supported by SAP.iO. 

This year’s SAP.iO Foundry Bangalore cohort, evaluated and selected by a panel of SAP experts, partners, and customers in India, joins the growing network of top-tier startup programs worldwide. Here are the 14 B2B companies, majority of which are tech startups form India, to drive innovation for the future of shopping in partnership with SAP:

  • Discover Dollar Catering to all sizes of customers, Discover Dollar empowers companies to discover and capture overpayments and revenue leakages by transforming source-to-pay functions leveraging AI. The platform seamlessly, securely, and instantly integrates with a company’s ERP contracts, emails, chats, and other platforms. Discover Dollar has offices in Bangalore, India, and Delaware, USA.
  • Entropik. Bengaluru-headquartered Entropik Technologies offer an Emotion AI suite comprising Facial Emotion Recognition, Eye Tracking, Speech Emotion Recognition, and Sentiment Analysis technologies. The solution offers unbiased consumer insights to help teams working on consumer research, design, and product development make informed decisions faster.
  • Find.Fashion. The London-based company is the creator of the World’s First Visual Language for eCommerce Search. Find.Fashion’s visual search combines AI with emotion recognition to help shoppers find products that best suit them.
  • Infilect. Bengaluru-based Infilect technologies offer solutions that offer brands and retailers real-time execution insights and store-level analytics. Powered by Image Recognition AI, the tech company’s products–InfiViz, InfiEye, and InfiArt– provide advanced retail visual intelligence to drive sales performance and growth.
  • KiksAR. The Indian startup is known for its virtual try-on for eyewear platform, which is a patented technology powered with fitment, PD and styling. The KiKsAR VTO Platform offers unique customer engagement and works across various e-commerce platforms to allow digital shoppers virtually try on eyeglasses, jewelry, and apparel and also get fitment advisory.
  • NextOrbit. The platform leverages advanced forecasting algorithms and predictors to help businesses predict demand peaks and troughs, enabling them to take action according to customer demand and design pricing strategies to better meet the bottom line. NextOrbit has offices in Bengaluru. New York, and Texas.
  • Noos Technologies. With expertise in Anti-Counterfeit, Tamper evidence, Warranty fraud detection & Tracking, Noos Technologies harnesses Machine Vision, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to create solutions for real-world problems that consumers and businesses face. The SaaS platform can create print, and track secure codes to the last mile.
  • Parallel Dots. The company’s ShelfWatch platform offers retailers Computer Vision technology to provide real-time insights for better retail execution. Aside from analyzing images of retail shelf displays, the platform also provides corrective feedback that helps CPG & Retail brands improve retail execution and customer experience.
  • Rdep. Singapore-based company Rdep offers a personalized suite of AI-enabled solutions for in-store retailers to accelerate enhanced customer experience through omnichannel, endless aisle, proximity content, and contextual engagement.
  • SalesAssist. The B2B startup offers an omnichannel video commerce offering live video selling, virtual shopping, and virtual engagement. Sales Assist has offices in Delhi and North Carolina, USA.
  • SignCatch. Made in India, SignCatch is a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) and an omnichannel retail platform designed for large chain retailers and retail aggregators. The platform enables businesses to deploy Smart PoS Terminals and deliver value-added digital services to many retail stores under a centralized command center.
  • TangoEye. The Chennai-based B2B startup offers a platform that leverages AI to provide enterprises with comprehensive shopper intelligence including shopper footfall, demographics, and concentration heat map. TangoEye converts existing CCTV footage into shopper insights to increase sales and conversions, enhance operational efficiency, and support a secure and safe environment.
  • Text Mercato. The tech startup offers content-writing services levering machine learning and workflow products. The platform has a wide network of freelance content writers that specializes in various industries to help businesses effectively communicate to their market.
  • Xplorazzi. The B2B startup uses advanced image recognition software to enable retailers to digitize in-store execution. The platform offers real-time shelf insight to accelerate sales for modern and general trade. Xplorazzi has offices in Bengaluru and Oregon, USA.

Alexa Gorman, SVP, SAP.iO, emphasised:

“The need of customers to embark on bold digital transformation initiatives has increased rapidly during the pandemic. On this journey, many are turning to SAP.iO to engage with innovative startups that can help make their digital supply chains more resilient or better manage their customer relationships.”

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