MG Motor India Launches Programme for Tech Startups

MG Motor India Launches Programme for Tech Startups

MG Motor India, a subsidiary of the Chinese carmaker with British roots, MG Motor, kicked-off a new startup support programme for the mobility ecosystem.

MG Motor India’s technology partners participated in the initiative, which offered technology via its maiden model, the MG Hector SUV. This was also an opportunity for the partners to mentor and support young innovators’ ideas financially. 

The following are the key partners of MG Motor India and their respective roles in the initiative:

  • Adobe will provide its Adobe Enterprise, which will help strengthen the core operating functions of a company. They also intend to offer Adobe APIs and mentorship for digital marketing, online marketing, and retail space. Programme participants will also receive an entry to Adobe’s symposiums and learning forums held yearly across the globe.
  • Airtel has been thriving in the connectivity space and has been utilising 2G, 3G, and 5G connectivity technologies to drive innovation. The telecom company will also provide engineering aid in the area of gateways for future payment ecosystem for the automotive sector.
  • Cognizant will offer its AI platform called “Big Decision.” This will be used to write algorithms and code for autonomous driving as well as its connected car IoT platform for the development of applications and product suites.
  • Unlimit is an IoT solutions provider that will offer knowledge resources. Startup teams will have the opportunity to join Unlimit’s employees in its own office and co-develop solutions with its internal team.
  • SAP will make its Business API Hub available for developers. They also have the ‘Partner Edge’ programme that will aid development teams to learn and get themselves acquainted with the SAP ecosystem. SAP Labs, which is known for breeding entrepreneurs, will also provide architectural and technology support.
  • TomTom is a company that specialises in navigation systems. They will incorporate charging stations into maps to address problems related to electric vehicles (EV) and help EV owners plan their routes.

Rajeev Chaba, the president and MD of MG Motor India said:

“Together with our partners, we are going to mentor and support startups in the automotive space, be it in the area of shared mobility or connected cars. While each idea could see grants between Rs 500,000 to a maximum of Rs 25 lakh the whole idea is to make resources accessible to young entrepreneurs and innovators who are seeking help at every juncture of their startup journey.”

The shortlist of the winning entries will be revealed in November. The demo day will be held in December, and the final list of winners will be announced on May 2020 at the TiE summit.

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