Extentia Joins First SAP AppHaus in India

Extentia Joins First SAP AppHaus in India

India’s keen interest in the tech industry is rising. Startup programmes are being introduced and are pushing the growth of innovation in the country and SAP is continuously exploring ventures that will nurture the talents of the digital age.

India opened its doors to its first SAP AppHaus Network in Pune. It is also considered to be the second SAP collab space in Asia after the establishment of the first SAP AppHaus Network in the hub of ICT Valley, Pangyo, Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea in 2016.

Extentia Information Technology, one of the leading software development services company in India with an office located in the same city as the newly established hub. They have joined SAP AppHaus as a member and launched their experience design centre called XEN LAB PNQ.

The lab is conceptualised with the “Bauhaus” style, which features geometric designs, sustainability, genuine materials, unifying art, and tech—the perfect characteristic of functional and social space.

The SAP AppHaus Network consists of collaborative workspaces that are owned by SAP or its partners. These workspaces encourage human-centered innovation approach that is aimed towards achieving business transformation.

Umeed Kothavala, CEO of Extentia, shared:

“We’re excited about being a member of the SAP AppHaus Network and look forward to plenty of new opportunities to work with SAP customers that this certification will bring to us. This has strengthened Extentia’s bond with SAP even further as we are all set to work closely with SAP’s clients in India and neighbouring regions to help them with their digital transformation journeys.”

The collab space is designed and built to encourage creative thinking, critical insights, innovation, and transformational outcomes. It will also serve as a conducive space for organising client workshops that will require processes such as brainstorming, business processes, customer experience, digital transformation, ideation, and strategy building.

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