SAP and Qualtrics Combat COVID-19 Fake News

SAP and Qualtrics Combats COVID-19 Fake News

A select SAP and Qualtrics solutions like SAP Ariba and Remote Work Pulse have been made available at zero cost since March 2020 to alleviate the challenges that the SAP community, customers and partners are facing in the time of COVID-19. 

As fast as the spread of the lethal COVID-19 worldwide, there is also the widespread dissemination of information and misinformation happening daily with almost everyone having digital access to news. “Fake News” laws in most countries are rigorously acted upon these days so as not to cause panic, violence, and confusion in the community.

Recognising the timely need to address the nagging concern on fake news surrounding the pandemic, SAP and Qualtrics have broken new ground with Bridge-IT, an app that would provide employees and customers accurate real-time facts on COVID-19 and personalised guidance on how to cope with the virus. 

Launched by SAP APJ Innovation Office, the Bridge-IT app is accessible as a webpage or as an Apple iOS application. SAP Global Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Labs, Global Health Management, HR and Qualtrics teams worked together to design and develop the app. 

Scott Russell, President, SAP APJ shared:

“This app is one of several ways SAP is helping to fight COVID-19 across Asia.”

“The volume of important information on the pandemic from a huge variety of sources – including employers, the government and health authorities – can make it hard to keep up. Bridge-IT is designed to help guard against COVID-19 misinformation and help people stay on top of important updates in the simplest way possible, so they can focus on their health, happiness, and wellbeing,” he further explained.

The app aims to support employees and provide reliable information amidst COVID-19. Bridge-IT is intended to provide localised information for users by consolidating specific country data, local government guidance, travel information and relevant company policies with pertinent information gathered from trustworthy and ethical sources like The World Health Organisation (WHO). In line with the global initiative of SAP to alleviate the difficulties in the new work environment of the SAP community due to COVID-19, the app will also be available at no cost to all SAP employees and any customers globally who have an SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement.

Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director, SAP ANZ, said: 

“I’m very proud of our APJ Innovation Office – led by a team in Melbourne – for harnessing the power of data and developing a one-stop tool to provide as accurate, corroborated, trustworthy information as possible.” 

 “We hope that the app will do the hard work for you and deliver the information you need to know, when you need to know it,” Bueno added.

Bridge-IT App Features

·       Data Platform –The data platform powered by SAP Cloud Platform bridges information from trustworthy global and local sources including specific country, government and company data to provide as accurate information as possible, in real-time

·       Chatbot – The chatbot powered by SAP Conversational AI technology provides a user-friendly tool for questions and access to company-specific FAQs or healthcare guidance

·       Automated Guidance Tools –These are personalised surveys powered by Qualtrics span a range of topics for respondents to input their situation and be routed to appropriate resources based on their needs. This includes a COVID-19 symptoms survey, which provides tailored healthcare guidance and resources based on users’ answers about symptoms displayed.

·       Dashboard – It provides visualisations of real-time data, such as impacts of COVID-19 on supply and customer-based data, including public sentiment on SAP Analytics Cloud.

A standard set of data such as company policies, travel information, COVID-19 case numbers, health resources, and legislative updates are incorporated in the app and can be adapted to add specific data or information as needed. A Digital Boardroom is also due to come out soon as an additional app functionality.

Currently, a multinational pharmaceutical firm, which is one of the first SAP customers to leverage Bridge-IT, has rolled out the app for staff. It included bespoke data on the number of COVID-19 cases searchable by hospital location that would enable employees forecast product demand and supply accordingly.

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