Tokyo Energy and Systems Accelerates Digital Innovation

By signing on a third party support provider for SAP systems, Tokyo Energy and Systems Inc. has been able to reallocate funds towards mail, groupware and security.

Since 2014, Tokyo Energy and Systems has deployed over 1,400 SAP licenses in an ERP implementation to centrally manage codes used for nation-wide construction sites. The licenses were issued for payroll and accounting, inventory control and work management. However, due to heavy user training requirements, the implementation took two years rather than the planned one year.

The customization and running hardware on the existing infrastructure became cost prohibitive to maintain. Last year, Tokyo Energy and Systems began migrating to a third party Infrastructure as a Platform solution whilst conducting a review of heavy support costs. Rimini Street, a global support provider for SAP software products, was selected to provide third party SAP application support.

Kotaro Matsuhashi, manager of ICT Promotion Department, Tokyo Energy & Systems, said:

“We were able to centrally manage construction sites by implementing the SAP platform, however the delay in getting the system operational greatly exceeded our planned schedule and the enormous costs to operate the system became a problem… Switching to Rimini Street, and migrating to the cloud, has allowed us to save substantial budget that has been used for updating our IT environment for construction sites across the country as well as improving our internal operational efficiency.”

With rapid response support in place, Tokyo Energy and Systems was able to drastically reduce time spent on custom system issues. This reduction in time, cost and resources, along with a 50% saving in annual support fees, has enabled Tokyo Energy to focus on and invest in advancing their IT department. Yukihiro Kurihara, executive officer and general manager of the ICT Promotion Department, Tokyo Energy & Systems, said:

“Leveraging Rimini Street services, our support costs were cut in half and we were able to free up internal resources which was a welcomed change. This allowed us the opportunity to take on new IT challenges, and work toward the actualization of our own business-driven IT road map versus following the road map of the vendor. Part of our future plans include extending our business to post-construction operation management of power facilities.”

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