SAP CX Solutions Fuel CERA’s Growth and Transformation


Indian home solution products manufacturer CERA Sanitaryware Limited created a customer-centric strategy by investing in SAP CX solutions, including SAP C4C and SAP S/4HANA. The company’s transformation was driven by innovation and it is now reaping the rewards of its forward-thinking approach.

Technology has the potential to be a growth and transformation engine for businesses. This is especially true in the sanitaryware sector, which is prone to change and might benefit from streamlining its autonomous business processes. In light of the ever-increasing demand for consumer necessities, businesses have no choice but to push themselves to the limit and make use of technologies that are future-proof in order to provide seamless customer experience (CX).

One such company in the said industry that was established on a foundation that exemplifies excellence through transformation is CERA Sanitaryware Limited. The Ahmedabad, Gujarat-headquartered company was built with a commitment to fostering innovation through a strategy that places its customers at the forefront.

CERA Sanitaryware Limited is one of the home solutions suppliers in India that is growing at the quickest rate. The company reported a Consolidated Total Income of Rs 426.51 Crore for the quarter that ended on September 30, 2022. This is an increase of 7.55% from the previous quarter’s Total Income of Rs 396.58 Crore and an increase of 3.73% from the previous year’s same quarter Total Income of Rs 411.18 Crore. In the most recent reporting period, CERA Sanitaryware Limited generated a net profit after taxes of Rs 51.14 Crore.

Deepshikha Khaitan, the Joint Managing Director at CERA Sanitaryware Ltd, highlighted that the CERA Digital Era began with the objective of becoming the world’s greatest brand based on the basis of technology. This statement was made on the way towards further accomplishing the company’s goals. She went on to say that the dedication to technological advancement provides them with an unrivaled advantage over their competitors.

“Since its inception, we have invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants to achieve the highest standards of quality. From manufacturing precision to impeccable body finish, our factories ensure every product meets CERA’s quality benchmarks,” Khaitan further explained.

To help its business become successful in spite of challenges, an organization with a forward-thinking mindset such as CERA Sanitaryware Limited utilizes digital technology to promote innovation. Its purpose is to develop a framework that maximizes business excellence for an approach that is user-centric. This is especially important when it comes to creating tailored customer experiences.

Expediting Business Transformation With SAP CX Solutions

As a business that caters to customers from a wide range of economic brackets, CERA Sanitaryware Limited’s cornerstone is cutting-edge technology, which gives it an advantage over its rivals. Furthermore, with quality as a core principle, the company has invested in manufacturing plants that are ready for the future, which translates to its dedication to offering the greatest possible experience for its customers.

CERA Sanitaryware Limited was able to lay the foundation for future business expansion by integrating SAP CX solutions such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP C4C in 2017, with PwC serving as the company’s implementation partner. The SAP transformation project opened up new opportunities, which enabled it to automate previously separate business operations in order to achieve more effective data management and control.

“After the SAP C4C model was implemented, whenever our salesperson visits customer locations, he is empowered with rates, quotations, and other details on his mobile device. So, what sometimes used to take a few days has now shrunk to just one day. This is the biggest achievement,” CERA Sanitaryware Limited Chief Information Officer (CIO) Manish Chandegara shared.

Among the most notable benefits of leveraging the SAP CX solution are:

  • After integrating SAP C4C into their operations, management found that processes were more streamlined, consistent, and data-driven.
  • Following the implementation of the SAP C4C Tiles module, the company can now efficiently fulfill even the largest orders for tiles.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology like 3D prototype printers, completely automatic chrome plating, pressure casting equipment, glazing, robotic grinding, and polishing, the business was able to streamline their decision-making processes and boost their ability to keep track of sales orders.

SAP Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Business for the Indian Subcontinent, Sudeep Singh, commented on CERA Sanitaryware Limited’s transformation by saying that SAP, as a business transformation partner, is dedicated to helping businesses realize their full potential and ignite innovation at every level. He added:

“CERA embarked on that journey with SAP keeping their customers core to their growth and vision. We’re honored to partner with CERA in helping them streamline their customer experience, which directly impacts their growth and bottom lines. We look forward to deepening our relationship and helping CERA leverage the true power of SAP C4C and Customer 360”.

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