SAP.iO Foundry Shanghai Powers Modern Energy Transitions


In a move to foster innovation in sustainable energy, the German tech giant recently launched a trailblazing startup program at the SAP.iO Foundry in Shanghai. Eight startups, armed with focal areas spanning AI, IoT, robotics, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measures, have been meticulously chosen to pioneer this journey alongside SAP.

SAP.iO, an innovation arm of the world-renowned enterprise software company, has created a global network of foundries. These foundries are diligently working to cultivate startups, providing them with indispensable resources, expertise, and mentorship. These are critical in transforming innovative concepts into market-ready solutions.

The SAP.iO initiative is a strategic cornerstone in SAP’s agenda to broaden its ecosystem by harnessing the potential of promising startups, stimulating innovation, and driving digital transformation across various sectors.

Charting a Course for Sustainable Energy at SAP.iO Foundry

At the precipice of an energy revolution, the world is making concerted efforts to battle climate change and lay the groundwork for a sustainable future. This environmental endeavor calls for a profound transition from our dependence on fossil fuels to embracing net-zero carbon sources.

Amid this landscape, SAP.iO Foundry’s recent program is a beacon of hope. Over the next five months, it will work intimately with selected startups to cultivate enduring partnerships. These collaborations will strive to explore unique use cases, delve into product integration possibilities, and unearth diverse business development opportunities. Moreover, SAP’s clients will have an integral role in this innovative journey, assessing and implementing potential proof-of-concept opportunities.

The Chosen Eight: A Closer Look

The SAP.iO Foundry Shanghai program welcomes an exciting array of startups:

Firstly, Blue Tax stands at the forefront of optimizing governmental and corporate collaborations. The startup is revolutionizing the relationship between government departments, such as the tax bureau, and corporate human resources. By simplifying corporate tax calculation and social security issues, Blue Tax aims to increase collaboration efficiency by an astounding 80 times.

Secondly, we have Carbongram, a startup setting the pace in carbon management. They are striving to create a reliable, auditable carbon accounting infrastructure. This pioneering venture aims to help customers control their own carbon emissions and manage those of their suppliers effectively.

Then there’s Fei Liu Tech, which is applying the prowess of AI to transform the fashion supply chain. The startup offers comprehensive digital solutions that encompass smart manufacturing, supply chain collaboration, and intelligent marketing, thus revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Focusing on new energy resources is Inkelink, a startup dedicated to catalyzing the digital evolution of the energy sector. They’re working tirelessly to develop a digital smart factory solution and the Inkelink Industrial Internet platform, promising a more efficient future.

Matterhorn is championing the cause of Industry 4.0. With a variety of innovative solutions like workshop-level cyber-physical systems, intelligent data collection, machine-vision-equipped robots, and smart assembly, they aim to revolutionize traditional industries.

Next in the cohort, MHP is creating a stir in the automotive and related manufacturing industries. The startup is developing a host of digital and innovative solutions, embracing technological advancements to drive growth and sustainability.

O-tech is transforming the face of trade compliance. As a one-stop destination for trade compliance and customs consultancy services, the company also offers foreign trade management system development and operation, ensuring a streamlined trade environment.

Last but not least, Skyco2.com is paving the way in carbon emission management. Providing monitoring, reporting, and verification services for carbon emission data and carbon asset operation management, they cater to a range of sectors, from industrial to transportation and construction.

As the global energy sector undergoes a transformative revolution, initiatives such as the SAP.iO Foundry Shanghai program mark a significant stride towards a sustainable future. Through nurturing startups aimed at driving this new era of sustainable energy, SAP continues to stand as a pioneer in tech-driven, eco-friendly innovation.

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