SAP Intelligent Enterprise Brings Startups to Life

SAP Intelligent Enterprise

SAP.iO Foundry Singapore was launched to help startups in building innovative enterprise software solutions. These solutions are expected to deliver value for SAP customers; hence, these startups that were launched through the program made use of various SAP products to develop their solutions.

Head of SAP.iO Foundries Asia Pacific and Japan, Lalitha Bhaskara, shared SAP’s commitment to Singapore’s dynamic startup ecosystem, which is why the inaugural acceleration program was held in Singapore.

SAP.iO Foundry has been investing in and accelerating entrepreneurs building software which is fueling an early-stage ecosystem of innovation for SAP. Aside from Singapore, SAP.iO Foundries are also located in other major startup hubs like Berlin, Munich, New York City, Paris, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo.

Rise of female entrepreneurs in SAP Intelligent Enterprise startups

Female entrepreneurs made up 40% of the first cohort. This has proven SAP’s belief in diversity which is also in line with the SAP.iO’s No Boundaries initiative.

SAP.iO Foundry Singapore’s first startups include:

  1. Adaface – identifies the best engineering talent much faster than conventional interviews by enabling and automating first-round tech interviews.
  2. Flowcast – provides greater visibility to customers by using patented machine learning algorithms which utilises untapped, complex data for automate credit decision making.
  3. Luxtag – uses blockchain-enabled tech to determine product counterfeits and frauds.
  4. Notarum – automates corporate due diligence provided by reducing busywork using a modern workflow tool and offers
  5. Pulsifi – uses artificial intelligence to predict outcomes to identify, develop and retain employees.
  6. SizeNFit – an e-commerce add-on that helps reduce returns and increase sales.
  7. TADA – helps brands attract, engage and retain customers by offering a data-driven customer advocacy and engagement platform.

In celebration of the startups’ achievements, an invite-only demo day for the SAP Intelligent Enterprise will be held tomorrow, November 5, 2019. The event will provide opportunities for corporate innovation leaders to meet and greet startups and to witness a live demo of the solutions they provide.

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