SAP India Pvt Ltd, UNICEF India Foster Digital Skills

SAP India Pvt Ltd, UNICEF India Foster Digital Skills

SAP India Pvt Ltd and UNICEF India collaborated with YuWaah (Generation Unlimited India) to further the employability of the youth in the country during and even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Late last year, SAP and UNICEF have announced its global collaboration, as part of Generation Unlimited, to provide quality education, life skills, and job skills training to young people in disadvantaged communities, preparing them for decent work and active citizenship. The three-year partnership aims to reach out to the youth across Africa, Asia, and Europe, with initial efforts focused on India, Turkey, and Vietnam.

True to its objective, in mid-July this year coinciding with the celebration of World Youth Skills Day, the global partnership of SAP and UNICEF has reached the Indian soil. Centred on improving the employability of the youth amid the pandemic to prepare them for the new world of work, SAP India Pvt Ltd and UNICEF India have committed to providing career counseling and digital education in India. 

Dr. Yasmin Ali Haque, UNICEF Representative in India, said that the SAP India and YuWaah partnership will equip the youth when facing today’s urgent challenges by exposing them to life skills, social innovation, and career guidance. She said:

“COVID-19 has led to disruptions in educational, economic, and social spheres of life, throwing up many challenges for young people. The UNICEF – YuWaah – SAP India partnership aims to empower young people, to harness their creativity, problem-solving, and leadership assets, to make a difference in their own lives and in their communities.”

The Three-way Collaboration

UNICEF will be collaborating with YuWaah to provide digital education and occupational skillset to the underserved young people of India. Yuwaah was launched in November 2019 to strengthen education, skills, empowerment, and economic opportunities for young people, aligned with the Government of India’s efforts. Generation Unlimited India’s strategy and mission is to enable India’s youth and connect them to aspirational work and engage them as active change-makers.

The UNICEF – YuWaah – SAP collaboration aims to:

  • Improve digital skills and life skills for young people
  • Provide young people with career options.
  • Reimagine the model in other states with the Government of India
  • Impacting one million young people by the end of 2022.

Recognising the Opportunity Gap

It has to be noted that India has the world’s largest youth population with 333 million aged between 10 – 24 years. Despite the country’s accelerating technology-driven economy, in terms of career and employability opportunities, young people in the rural areas are at a huge disadvantage. Outside the cities, the young population has limited access to information, training, opportunities or the skills to future-proof their careers. Add to the equation the socio-economic impact of coronavirus.

Alexandra van der Ploeg, Head of CSR at SAP said:

“Quality education and digital inclusion have never been more important. COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of access to education and this couldn’t be more relevant to India which has the highest number of young people.” 

Van der Ploeg emphasised that SAP’s partnership with UNICEF in support of the UN’s Generation Unlimited initiative puts the spotlight on the power of innovation in addressing social issues as well as empowering the youth through education, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship.

“In true SAP spirit, our unique partnership with UNICEF will not only maximise our collective impact but inspire young people in India and across the globe to help the world run better. After all, if our young people aren’t given the opportunities for skill development, they won’t be able to associate and support social causes that help in development of a nation,” she further said.

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