SAP, Hyundai AutoEver to Develop Cloud Software

Hyundai AutoEver

South Korea is known to be one of the most advanced countries in the world. Korean homegrown companies are turning to SAP solutions to help meet their increasing need in streamlining their operations. As more organisations grow and adopt cloud-based software for the efficiency of their business processes and conservation of resources, SAP receives more opportunities to work with some of the leading companies across various industries.

Infrastructure support businesses, like Doosan Group, embraced SAP SuccessFactors in 2017. Doosan Group shared that since their adoption of SAP SuccessFactors, they have efficiently screened candidates and hired qualified ones during their recruitment process. Fast-food chains like Burger King deployed SAP Ariba in Korea in 2018. Aside from these companies, Kakao Mobility, Samsung SDS, Woongjin and other local companies are using travel expense management platform, SAP Concur, which aids employees in simplifying their processes.

Lee Sung-Woo, the managing director of SAP Concur in Korea, shared that about 680 companies in the country are using the Concur Service to help reduce the time spent on completing invoices. He pointed out that one of the benefits include increased productivity on other tasks.

These businesses have turned to SAP for solutions that will support their operations in making data-driven decisions. And one of the most recent ones includes a collaboration with a Korean automaker, Hyundai Motor Group.

Last week, Korea Times reported that SAP Korea announced the signing of a memorandum of mutual understanding with Hyundai Motor Group’s IT affiliate, Hyundai AutoEver. Hyundai AutoEver was established in the year 2000 with its headquarters based in Seoul, South Korea. The SAP German software giant and the Korean automobile sales internet company will work together to develop and operate a cloud-based software application.

In a press conference in Seoul, South Korea, Lee Sung-youl, the current managing director of SAP Korea, shared that they were planning to develop and manage software for enterprise use. He has also hinted in other possible collaborations in the future. In a statement, Lee shared:

“Based on our cloud-based software services, the two of us will try to seek more business opportunities.”

The agreement indicates that the two companies will work together in developing and operating a cloud-based software that will be based on SAP software services such as Concur and Qualtrics, a travel management software program and a customer feedback management software program respectively.

Lee adds that the cloud-based software will help increase revenue. In his statement, he noted how Korean companies have been falling behind when it comes to adopting cloud-based enterprise software. He has also pointed out that more companies are looking to improve in this aspect. 

Lee said:

“In 2019, we could increase the number of customers and revenue in the cloud-based enterprise software sector. We expect the outlook will be even better in 2020.”

Thousand of companies in Korea are using cloud-based software in its operations. Around, 4,000 companies are using the procurement and supply chain management platform, SAP Ariba, in doing business with its overseas customers and suppliers.

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