SAP Encourages Tech in the City of Davao

SAP Encourages Tech in the City of Davao

The city of Davao is one of the first-class and highly urbanised cities on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. As the city progresses into the digital era, it becomes more open to opportunities for development in terms of technology Now, it is getting encouragement from a leading application software firm to use technology for its operations.

SAP, a global leader in application software, is encouraging the local government units in the city of Davao to leverage technology that can boost processes and improve the delivery of services to their local communities.

SAP Philippines introduced the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, S/4 HANA, with its goal of establishing Smart Cities in mind. The said software can consolidate real-time data to be used for immediate decision-making.

Virna Naomi Venturanza of the SAP Corporate Affairs said:

“Instead of writing the reports, you will just be downloading it and decide. The leaders can make more strategic decisions because the operations and processes are smarter. The manual process will be lessened so the people can focus on other tasks needed to run a city.”

Edler Panlilio, managing director for SAP Philippines, shared how S/4 HANA can help local governments achieve smarter operations. He also shared the possibility of integrating technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain, as well as storing big data.

He said:

“Blockchain is also something that you can put to the LGUs like when you start tracking assets at certain milestones from the design phase, production phase, down to the operational phase, you are able to detect those milestones. It is being used in banks also.”

Panlilio also said that data collected by the software could help government leaders in improving health coverage or providing education cluster, which can be used to create instructional materials for students. Additionally, he said that they are working to align their initiatives with the internet providers of the Philippines.

The LGUs in the city of Davao can available a subscription of the software’s cloud.

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