SAP Analytics Pioneers Sustainability in India’s Food Tech


In a world where technology intersects every facet of life, the food industry is no exception. India’s premier food and agri-tech conglomerate, WayCool Foods, has taken a giant stride in sustainability powered by digital tools. SAP Analytics, a state-of-the-art platform, has been pivotal in this transformation.

WayCool Foods is a prime example of how businesses are blending innovation with environmental responsibility. Established in 2015, the company boasts popular consumer brands such as Madhuram, Kitchenji, L’exotique, Dezi Fresh, and Freshey’s.

True to its name, the company has been “way cool” in its approach to sustainability. Harnessing green energy from rooftop solar installations and implementing water treatment and reuse systems are just a few feats from its impressive portfolio. These green initiatives have not only curtailed 120 tons of carbon emissions but have also conserved nearly 1,980 KL of fresh water. The cherry on the cake? Monetary savings that amounted to a substantial $12,500 in FY2022-23.

What’s even more commendable is the company’s agility in maintaining a food loss of merely 2% within its supply chain, a number that outperforms the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimate of 14.7%. The drive doesn’t stop here. WayCool has electrified a significant 22% of its last-mile delivery fleet, translating to 1.2 million kilometers and cutting down a staggering 289 tons of logistic carbon emissions. The bar is set high with a goal to transition to a fully electric delivery fleet by 2030.

According to Srinidhi S. Rao, WayCool’s Head of ESG, the company’s ethos lies in embedding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices seamlessly across all its business operations.

Digital Transformation: The SAP Analytics Revolution

Stepping into the digital era, WayCool embarked on a transformative journey, steering its sustainability aspirations with SAP Analytics. The core of this transformation is an environmental dashboard, a melting pot that consolidates data from a gamut of sources, ranging from IoT devices to SAP’s own enterprise resource planning system.

This dashboard is no ordinary tool; it’s a powerhouse of insights. By converting raw data into actionable knowledge, it grants a 360-degree view of several sustainability indicators – be it clean energy metrics, waste management statistics, or water efficiency numbers. With an impressive 90% accuracy rate, the dashboard also offers an exhaustive measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, enabling the company to monitor, compare, and optimize its sustainability metrics.

In the words of Mr. Rao, this analytics dashboard amplifies the tangible impacts of WayCool’s environment-centric initiatives. Moreover, the real-time data fostered by this tool fortifies decision-making processes, proving that environment-friendly measures can be simultaneously profit-driven.

The SAP Seal of Approval

Their trailblazing efforts in the domain of sustainability didn’t go unnoticed. At the 2022 SAP ACE Awards, WayCool Foods emerged victorious in the ‘Sustainability Champion’ category. Organized by INDUS, the SAP India User Group, these accolades shine a light on organizations revolutionizing the tech landscape. WayCool’s victory was a testament to its commitment to aligning business growth with ecological welfare.

Conclusively, as technology and sustainability intersect, pioneers like WayCool Foods, bolstered by tools such as SAP Analytics, are crafting a future where business and the environment coexist harmoniously.

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